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Your Ford F-150 accessories will adapt to lightning


Zhang pointed out the Lightning’s unique bodywork, which not only offers differentiating styling, but also benefits the pickup aerodynamically. These subtle adjustments include a slightly shorter hood and the bedside tables are tucked in tightly so air can slide through them and behind the vehicle. It’s a big part of making Lightning as efficient as possible; Believe it or not, a pickup isn’t the slickest shape by nature.

With all of that outside and below the Lightning, it would have been easier to design a new truck bed and tell people to take care of it. Then again, that would run counter to Ford’s plan to make the Lightning accessible and painless for F-150 owners who are converting to battery power.

“In fact, we kept the same [bed] high for this exact reason, “said Zhang The reader. “That’s what we thought of as: to help people migrate to these kind of touchpoints, we did the same. “

The aftermarket provides a ton of support for work additions like ladder racks as well as recreation and habitability upgrades, from rooftop tents to tonneau covers. It would be a big break for a lot of people if they couldn’t take them off their current trucks and put them on their new Lightning. Plus, it would add months of development for third parties to make accessories specifically designed for Lightning, complicating the process and making it more expensive all the time.

Plus, the Lightning offers a lot of flexibility for additions like these, thanks in large part to the number of electrical hookups. Zhang told us there was something like 22 front-to-back outlets in some specs, including 220-volt plug-ins, more traditional 110-volt, 12-volt, and USB ports. No matter what you need that needs a charger, whether it’s an air compressor, a refrigerator, or even your home, the Pro Power Onboard 9.6 kilowatt mobile inverter available F-150 Lightning can probably power it.

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