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Woman who refuses extra cash for hand luggage shares her “hack” bag … so can you figure out what’s going on?


Going on vacation can be very expensive.

You will not only be charged for the flight, the hotel and the food. But there are many other costs that can arise when traveling, including the cost of bringing a bag on board.


Woman shared her hack for traveling with friendsCredit: hendecachrome / Instagram

Well a woman was fed up with paying £ 20 to take a small suitcase on flights so claims to have found a ‘hack’ to get around it.

The woman posted it. ‘hack’Email him TikTok Account.

She said, “I am my personal object.

“Ryanair is not getting my £ 20 for hand luggage.”

The video shows the woman wearing layers of clothing, which she would normally have packed in her bag.

She then puts on a dress. Then she wears a skirt, a t-shirt and another dress. Finally, she takes off a jacket, a t-shirt and a skirt.

That’s a total of four outfits she wears.

And you can’t even tell.

According to the woman’s claim, she wore all four of these outfits on board.

She recommends this hack if you don’t want to pay the extra cost to take a deal on your flight.


His hack is obviously popular because it has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Many people have commented on “genius”. The couple shared their idea and promised to do it again the next time they go overseas.

TikTok users were quick to point out that even though she was wearing four layers of clothing, it would still be very hot on an airplane.

Many said they do this all the time and would recommend it to save money on a case.

One person said, “I would sweat but this is genius. “

One second: “I did that. I took it off before I even got on board and put everything in airport shopping bags.

A third comment: “Yes. I once carried 7kg of stuff to avoid excessive weight load.

Ryanair policy does not mention this method.

Woman claims to do this hack to avoid paying baggage fees


This woman claims to have done this hack in order to avoid having to pay baggage feesCredit: hendecachrome / Instagram

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