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Woman Splits Internet With Airport Baggage Hack


@ nolimitua / TikTok

A woman has split the internet with an airport baggage hack that allows travelers to carry additional baggage for free.

TikTok user @nolimitua‘s, which features superimposed text that read “The best travel hack ever !!!’ Pillow ‘flies for free,” has gone viral, racking up more than 10 million views.

The short clip ends with the woman sitting on the plane and holding the pillow, before winking at the camera and looking out the window.

Check out the hack below:

At the start of the video, the TikToker is shown wrapping an empty pillowcase with clothes, before showing her walking through an airport with the filled pillowcase resting on her suitcase.

The 11-second clip has now amassed over 480,000 likes and 4,460 comments, clearly proving popular among TikToker followers, many of whom have also given their differing views on the pillow hack.

Woman Splits Internet With Airport Baggage Hacking (@ nolimitua / TikTok)@ nolimitua / TikTok

A TikTok user commented: “As a traveler, I love this idea.” Another simply wrote: “Pure genius !!!”

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years. It has never failed me, not once. And I have packed it in front of them many times, ”admitted one commenter.

While many were stunned and amazed at the trick, a few had doubts about the legitimacy of the “hack”.

“Bring extra deodorant, as you sweat a lot while carrying it,” one user wrote. “You still have to go through an x-ray scanner, so not like you’re going to be smuggling anything,” another commented.

A third added: “How would they know? I call it an x-ray.


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