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Why the Samsonite Luggage Set is the # 1 Selling Luggage on Amazon


It’s hard to deny the appeal of hard-shell luggage. This type of luggage has a more elegant look and if you are traveling with valuable cargo, the durability of the suitcase is a must have feature. Whether you want to try hard shell luggage for the first time or are frustrated with inferior suitcases that keep creaking and ready for an upgrade, then this hard shell luggage set is your best. choice.

With over 13,000 reviews and an almost perfect 5-star rating on Amazon, it’s safe to say that the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Luggage Set is the big winner. Read on to see why this set will keep your belongings safe from your first trip to your 100th trip.

Main characteristics

There are some important features that you should consider when shopping for luggage. We’ll go over each feature on the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Luggage to show why this set is a bestseller.

Size and scalability

The luggage set consists of a smaller carry-on suitcase and a larger suitcase, ideal for checked baggage for long trips. There is also a larger single suitcase option if you don’t need both pieces of luggage. See below for the weight and packing dimensions of each:


  • 20 “Spinner Carry On 19 x 14.5 x 9.75, 6.81 lb.
  • 24 ” Turret Checkered 24 x 17.5 x 11.5, 8.34 lbs.


  • 28 ” Checkered Spinner 28.5 x 20.5 x 13.5, 11.68 lbs.

Inside the main compartment in each case is a mesh divider with cross straps. There is also zipped modesty pocket for all the personal items that you would rather not have displayed each time you open your luggage.

With other hard-shell luggage, you need to be careful not to overpack, so that you don’t end up cracking the suitcase. Forcing the rigid suitcases to close is a risky operation and could render your luggage unusable. Samsonite’s Omni PC hard-shell luggage features a stretch lining which allows you to pack more without the risk of cracking the shell.

Shell longevity

Samsonite Omni PC luggage is made up of micro-diamond polycarbonate, which keeps your case resistant to scratches and cracks. Samsonite says each case will remain “beautiful trip after trip.”

Samsonite also offers a 10 years warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Rotating wheels

The luggage is fixed with 4 large wheels with 360 rotations. These high quality wheels make your luggage lighter and easier to transport. With the multidirectional rotation, you can roll your suitcase right next to you rather than behind you. Anyone who has had to drag heavy luggage behind them can tell you how much back pain you have left at the end of the trip.

TSA lock

All cases come with a durable, side mounted, combination lock. No key required. You can be sure that your luggage will prevent any potential thieves and will only be opened for you and the TSA agents. Wherever you go, your belongings will stay protected.


“A great, durable bag that has now survived about 25-30 thefts since I bought it – still strong and no signs of wear or significant damage. I travel weekly – and it has been very reliable and great for keeping my clothes dry when it rains. I highly recommend it for frequent travelers. ”

Kevin F.

“My initial urge was to buy something cheap – I don’t need fancy luggage, I have student loans to pay… So I was rummaging around and looking for options in the market from $ 30 to $ 40, and there were some that looked good. But then I rummaged through the reviews and read that they broke on the first trip, or had stuck wheels or capricious handles… Fast forward to Tuesday of this week, no suitcase purchased, my flight is Friday morning . So I go back to Amazon and search again until I find this suitcase. It’s not super cheap, but it’s not expensive either, and it has a great color, and great reviews, and it’s solid in the photos… I’m still undecided, but hey, time is running out , I bite the bullet.

The suitcase arrived just in time for my flight 🙂 My roommate carried the box upstairs for me this afternoon and when I thanked her I commented on how light it was. As soon as I open it I’m relieved, it’s a sturdy, sturdy suitcase, and it looks smart. The handle is long and glides easily, does not click like these other more fragile models. The wheels are apparently of good quality. The body looks quite durable and scratch resistant, the zipper is of good quality, oh and there is even a lock. It packs a lot for its small size, and it’s expandable, which is useful for people who sometimes overload their luggage.

UPDATE: Suitcase held up perfectly on 4 flights during the holiday, on two of which it had to be checked because the flight was very full. Not a single scratch or dent, no signs of wear, and it was easy to travel with – rolled smoothly and easily, sturdy handle.


“I took it on a business trip with my husband to Florida and loved it. It pulled easily in all directions and never caught on to anything, even in the parking lot. One thing I really liked is that both sides are the same size – I put on pants and heavier things on the bottom and found I could put on shirts and blouses from the other side and it looked like everything was packed better than in all my other regular suitcases. The top has a mesh cover that zips over everything – I liked that. The size was right – I went shopping while I was there and put everything on without having to use the stretch zipper on the way home! There is a moderate amount of ‘give’ between the two sides once it’s zipped, even without using the third zipper to let things hang out more. And the color is so pretty! It was the only teal badass on the baggage carousels every time! “

Farm woman

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