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Vintage Bucks Merchandise Adds Playoff Excitement: ‘Unique Stuff’


Vintage Bucks Gear at All Goods

Looking to a winning future for the Milwaukee Bucks, a local store is reminding people of the past in an effort to help build momentum for fans.

For James Velez, anything worth having is worth waiting for — just like the Bucks’ 2021 championship.

“This as an adult means a lot to me,” Velez said.

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Velez will be decorated differently this time before the playoffs.

“I’m excited. I’m ready to be back in Deer District,” he said. “I feel like I’m going to stand out.”

Velez camped out waiting for All Goods to open, finally getting his hands on a coveted jacket that owner Ali Acevedo says is rare. It’s part of a collection he’s been gathering for months to reveal just in time for the playoffs.

“I’ve ordered things online from different states. Part of that is bringing them back to our city,” Acevedo said.

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Shoppers get nostalgic when they see classic merchandise.

“Milwaukee Bucks stuff, in particular, is hard to come by because they didn’t have the best seasons in the ’90s,” Acevedo said. “In the early 2000s, they had a few good seasons, but there wasn’t a lot of clothing production. We sell vintage t-shirts from the 80s, 90s, even the early 2000s are considered vintage now. to carry.”

Vintage Bucks Gear at All Goods

While the new gear is great, a nod to retro helps folks looking for Milwaukee collectibles – ready to wear with pride as fans look to get another win in the bag.

“It’s important that we have unique things here in our city,” he said. “Vintage is made of higher quality, and it lasts longer.”

Vintage Bucks Gear at All Goods

“It lifts my spirits. I hope to push them, do it again one more time. It comes back – definitely,” Odell Thomas said.

Acevedo said he has merchandise that sells for as little as $6 up to a few hundred. It has vintage gear for sale at its Bayshore and West Allis stores.

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