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Vancouver Crime: Newlyweds’ Luggage, Stolen Valuables


A newly married couple who stopped in Vancouver on their way to their honeymoon had everything but the clothes they were wearing stolen in Stanley Park.

The couple are originally from the Toronto area, but married in Canmore, Alberta.

After the wedding, they traveled to Vancouver with friends to spend a few days in a city they had “heard so much about” before heading to Los Angeles.

On Monday morning, they arrived too early to check into the hotel, so the couple and their friends decided to rent bikes and tour Stanley Park.

When they got back to their rental car, they found everything was gone.

“There’s obviously like a systemic issue with the city that needs to be taken care of,” newlywed Mac Whale said.

Six suitcases, backpacks, electronic devices and family jewelry were stolen.

“I’m super anxious, I’m angry and I’m just at a loss for words to be honest,” Whalen’s wife Kaitlin Harnadek said.

What shocked the victims the most was that no one in the town seemed surprised by the crime.

“Then why isn’t there a sign?” Why is there no city-funded camera? Whalen asked about parking in the park.

The victims seemed resigned to the idea that they would probably never see any of the objects again. This includes a locket Whalen gave to her grandmother when her grandfather passed away.

“She wore it for 15 years after her death, and never took it off, then gave it to Kaitlin just before she died,” Whalen said.

The loss is still tallied, but at least $25,000 worth of property was stolen, and their friends set up a GoFundMe page.

Instead of sightseeing, the couple spent most of Tuesday at the passport office as they are supposed to be heading to California for their honeymoon on Wednesday, but their passports were also confiscated.