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Valentine’s Day: the best handbags for that perfect date | fashion trends


Handbags are like jewelry, you can never have enough of them. A perfect handbag is the juxtaposition of storytelling, heritage and craftsmanship – these things, when brought together, result in exceptional design and creative sensibility. Bags like totes, shoulder bags and satchel bags are timeless and won’t go out of style anytime soon. Moreover, a shoulder bag is something that you can carry anywhere, it gives advantage and convenience to your look beautifully. The quilted bag is also one of those trends that will stick around for years to come with a few or more tweaks.

“Whenever we think of designing a handbag, the first thing that should come to mind is the ever-famous question, ‘Why should anyone want to buy this?’ We think it’s very important to make decisions based on the diverse choices of customers, right from the start,” says Mohit Jain, Founder of Miraggio. The handbag market is growing and there is a need for new ideas, some of those ideas might not work.” We’ve discovered that an idea can simply evolve with ever-changing consumer trends. In less than four seasons, a tiny concept can have a big impact. With our vision of the future, the next generation may be ready to try something new, to do something surprising and unexpected, so designers need to keep pace,” adds Jain.

On the other hand, are vintage-inspired style handbags. Crafted and designed with a timeless approach that exudes elegance and endless versatility, these bags are a must-have and will help you navigate the ever-changing wardrobe demands of your week. “Elegant gold embellishments, use of different surface techniques, and experimentation with a variety of silhouettes give vintage-inspired handbags a unique approach and lavish edge,” says Seema Kalavadia, founder and designer of Sims Designer Studio.

His collection is the grandeur of timeless elegance, underpinned by a rationalist attitude towards simplicity. “Each design is handcrafted to perfection by experienced ‘Karigars’ using traditional methods, giving each piece its own uniqueness and allowing the company to constantly develop its products based on its own experiences,” Kalavadia believes. . Simplicity and structural integrity result in state-of-the-art designs that are both efficient and durable.”

Colors matter when it comes to handbags. When looking for the perfect handbag, people usually go for durability, style, and functionality. However, it’s equally important to have handcrafted fabrics that are all about pastel colors and retro-inspired color palettes that can elevate any monochromatic outfit effortlessly. “Focusing on durability and functionality is as important as design. You can carry a cloth bag to do your daily shopping and go out in style at the same time. A handbag can tell a lot about your personality like a briefcase can tell you that you are in a hurry and take your work seriously the same way a backpack can tell you that you are a laid back person with a casual style. approach to most things,” says Sarita Singh Rawat, Founder and Director of Deebaco

We believe all of this can be used to enhance your appearance, and you can truly convey the impression you want others to perceive simply by changing your appearance.

Perfect for formal wear, for outdoor business meetings, or wherever you go, handbags spruce up your entire outfit. Here is a list you can refer to for this Valentine’s Day date

Shoulder bag

On days when you don’t want to carry a lot with you, you can opt for a shoulder bag. You can wear this shoulder bag for brunch or a shopping spree and look super stylish.


There is nothing more perfect than a fashionable clutch that will suit all your evening outfits. A clutch looks chic and will instantly add some sparkle to your ensemble.

shoulder bag

The classic shoulder bag has multiple uses. It’s a great stylish addition to parties or casual work events, easy to carry over the shoulder, arm or as a clutch.


A bag very widely owned by most women. It is a must have for every woman. We women tend to carry a lot of stuff in our bags every day and a tote is the perfect type of bag for that. It is the perfect combination of practicality and elegance. Stylish yet roomy, a tote will complement your lifestyle and instantly elevate your everyday look.

Contributions from Japnah Gambhir, founder and designer of Majestic by Japnah