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Ukrainian refugees shock as Wizz Air charges for baggage on free flights away from conflict


April 8, 2022, 2:28 p.m. | Updated: April 8, 2022, 2:32 PM

Wizz Air charges Ukrainian refugees with checked baggage as they flee the conflict from neighboring countries on free flights.

Photo: Aliyah

A woman hosting a family of Ukrainian refugees at her home in Essex told LBC they were ‘flabbergasted’ to find Wizz Air charging for baggage, on free flights the airline is offering to those fleeing the ‘Ukraine.

Last March, WizzAir announced that it would support Ukrainian refugees by offering them 100,000 free seats on all continental European flights departing from countries bordering Ukraine (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania).

However, a family of four trying to get from Krakow in Poland to London Luton earlier this week on one of the free flights, encountered a stumbling block in the booking process – when asked to pay €130 for his two suitcases. .

Agnese Edmonds, who the family are now staying with, said: ‘When they were booking tickets…the tickets were free but the luggage was not. Even though they didn’t have too much luggage…the adults each had a suitcase, so they had to pay for it.

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“So I’m not sure for those people who didn’t have any money, how would they manage? Who would pay them?

Agnese said they were all shocked when the accusation was posted on the website.

“I couldn’t believe it, the family couldn’t believe it, I was dumbfounded because I thought – well, if you’re offering the flight, they’re already on the flight, well, surely they can take their luggage with them?

“For some sponsors they could pay for the luggage but if you have no money and no sponsor how do you get on the flight? It seems unfair and just plain weird.

In small print on WizzAir’s website it says: “The stated number of tickets (100,000) at the price of 0 EUR applies while supplies last for selected flights departing until 10 April 2022 .

“One piece of hand luggage (max: 40x30x20cm) is included. Rolling luggage, each piece of checked luggage and additional services are subject to additional charges.

“A valid Ukrainian passport is required upon reservation and check-in. Customers who do not have a Ukrainian passport will be charged the full fare at the airport.”

According to the airline’s website, a 10 kg bag on a WizzAir flight in low season can cost between €5 and €59, while a 20 kg bag on a WizzAir flight in low season costs between €8 and €79 .