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Tyler, The Creator x Globe-Trotter Golf le Fleur Collaboration Luggage



Since Tyler the creator released Call me if you get lost earlier this year, the rapper idealized travel even when he goes to a place like Geneva to feel suffocated by an endless pandemic. But through music videos and live performances, Tyler has taken his fans to windy plains, snow-capped huts and vast mountain ranges. And like any solid lead in a Wes Anderson movie, Tyler always brought a lot of luxurious baggage along the way. We’ve seen Tyler wearing vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and leopard-print Golf Le Fleur * trunks, but he’s particularly fond of Globe-Trotter, a British luggage brand that has been producing luxury suitcases for nearly 125 years.

Tyler brought in Globe-Trotter to create custom Golf le Fleur * suitcases, and you’ve probably spotted them on him walking the red carpet at this year’s BET Awards, during a stage performance at Lollapalooza, and in the advertisement for his new perfume “French Waltz. “But he wanted more people to have access to it, so to coincide with the launch of his highest collection for Golf le Fleur *, Tyler collaborated with Globe-Trotter to produce an extremely limited series of top travel items. range. The collection Includes the iconic suitcase Tyler carries along with a square purse, mini briefcase, passport cover, luggage tag and leather sticker pack.

“When we work with Hermès, Gucci or Tiffany, we tend to manufacture luggage in their iconic color, design or fabric. While the guys from Golf le Fleur * have designed a whole range of parts to be connected, ”explains Globe-Trotter’s director of partnerships, Darius Alavi-Ellis. “Then they went to all their different partners to make it happen simultaneously. And this is really unusual. I’ve never worked on something like this in my career.

We chatted with Alavi-Ellis to learn more about Tyler, the designer’s love for Globe-Trotter, what makes the British brand a go-to luggage brand for luxury houses like Gucci, and why the high price of their collaboration with Golf le Fleur * will be worth it in the long term.