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TSA finds 2 guns in hand luggage at Cleveland Hopkins Airport in less than a week


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Transportation Security Administration officers found two handguns in travelers’ carry-on luggage last week, according to a TSA press release.

On Thursday evening, officers found a 9mm Glock loaded with nine cartridges in the magazine in the carry-on baggage of a passenger during a routine x-ray exam, the statement said.

The passenger, who has a concealed transport permit, told officers she was changing her handbag and forgot the gun was in her bag.

On Monday, another passenger apparently forgot his gun was in his bag when he attempted to go through TSA PreCheck, TSA said.

An officer found an unloaded Cobra CB 38 in his bag.

The passenger also had a concealed transport permit and the weapon’s external security was engaged, the statement said.

Both weapons were confiscated.

Passengers who bring weapons to an airport checkpoint may face civil penalties and may lose TSA PreCheck privileges for a period of time, the statement said.

These are the 16th and 17th firearms found at the airport this year, according to the TSA.

Last year, agents found a total of 18.

It is possible to travel legally with firearms.

TSA issues instructions on how to do it right on his website.

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