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Travel warning: Britons could go ‘weeks’ without luggage due to flight disruptions | Travel News | Travel


Paul Stewart, Managing Director of MyBaggage, said that “As the Easter travel chaos continues due to increasing numbers of flight cancellations and staff shortages at UK airports, many travelers are left without their bags. “.

Paul explained that hundreds of passengers “find themselves separated from their luggage for hours or even days as baggage claim areas pile up.”

“Many have been asked to submit missing baggage claims, which could mean weeks before the airline sends their belongings by courier,” he warned.

This is due to a number of factors, such as conveyor belt delays as a ripple effect resulting from personnel issues.

Paul added that “security wait times are also getting longer as passengers have been waiting for hours for their bags to be checked in.”

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But what can passengers do if their luggage is lost? Paul said “if your luggage doesn’t show up at your destination airport, the best thing you can do is stay calm.”

There are plenty of options that can make a big difference in approaching lost luggage, but the travel expert said the most important thing is “to report the problem to your airline immediately, as you are more likely to obtain compensation”.

He explained: “Call the airline directly about your lost luggage and leave them your contact details so they can give you updates. Most airlines will deliver your luggage to your home, so be sure to ask for it.

“However, if you are unhappy with the airlines response, you can take your complaint further and lodge a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority.


“In some cases, if your travel or home insurance covers baggage, it will be better to file a claim through your insurance because you will likely go further with the claim.”

Paul recommended using a baggage shipping service to avoid this problem.

He explained: “If you are flying this week, we recommend that you pack lightly and only travel with hand luggage or use couriers to avoid this travel hassle, as you will not won’t have to worry about checking baggage at the airport.

“Keep your valuables with you, such as jewelry and electronics, to prevent them from being lost. However, if you are taking checked baggage, make sure it is immediately recognizable to you to avoid that other passengers do not take your luggage.

“Using a baggage handling company allows passengers to travel knowing that their baggage will be waiting for them at their destination, and can avoid ever-increasing queues and wait times for baggage claim,” said he declared.

Tips to avoid baggage disruptions during the Easter holidays:

1. Less is more: Travelers should try to use carry-on baggage only by packing as lightly as possible to avoid wait times or use baggage forwarding services if they need a lot of luggage for their trip.

2. Compare airlines: Holidaymakers are advised to check and compare airline delay and cancellation policies, to ensure the best deal should anything go wrong.

Some of the most flexible airlines for cancellations are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic while TUI, Jet2, easyJet and Ryanair are among the carriers with the least flexible cancellation policies.

3. Check insurance: If travelers can’t use a courier service or carry-on luggage, they should be sure to choose a travel insurance policy that covers luggage in the event of delay or cancellation.

4. Check the weather: Monitoring the weather is crucial to be prepared for anything that could affect the trip, such as delays or cancellations.

5. Arrive early: Vacationers should arrive at the airport well in advance, even earlier than usual, to avoid delays, long lines, or any other hassle.

6. Pack the essentials: Travelers should pack all the essential items they might need in their carry-on luggage in case they get separated from their luggage.

7. Compensation: Many airlines offer free accommodation or other compensation if the flight is canceled or significantly delayed, so travelers are advised to ask if they are entitled to refunds.