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Throwback Thursday: a gifted retailer


The Retailer Excellence Awards have honored some incredibly gifted retailers over the decades, many of which are still in business today. One such retailer, Tara Riceberg, was honored in 2009 as a finalist in Branding and Integrated Marketing.

From Riceberg, the editors of Decorative gifts and accessories wrote: “Retailer and interior designer Tara Riceberg is no stranger to the gift shopping world, having run the upscale Tesoro Beverly Hills store with her mother for years. But nowadays every year is new for Riceberg, as she creates, dismantles, analyzes and recreates a holiday pop-up store. While taking the first quarter to polish what worked the year before, Riceberg noticed that in 2008 his average sale was below $ 100, which is not surprising in a struggling economy. Rather than set a goal of surpassing the 2009 one, Riceberg embraced the figure and created his new pop-up company, Tweak 99.

“With an eye-catching concept – holiday gifts all under $ 99, prepackaged and sorted by price – the store, unsurprisingly, was a success. She called it “The Beverly Hills version of a 99-cent store” and guessed, rightly, that the media would love it, too. “

Today, Riceberg has two Tesoro locations, his permanent brick and mortar; one in Los Angeles and one in Beverly Hills, California. His pop-up store, Tweak, remained open for 8 years before focusing his efforts on other projects.

REAs will be moving from New York in collaboration with NY NOW in August to Dallas, with the Total Home & Gift Market at the Dallas Market Center. nominations will open soon, so come back here at the start of the new year to nominate or enter to win.


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