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three accessories for sculpting the face


See you later, wrinkles! Today, “facial yoga” is seen as a natural alternative to cosmetic formulations whose endless ingredient lists no longer appeal to the masses. Used in some beauty salons as well as by facialists or “facial technicians”, facial exercises can be performed at home using certain beauty tools. We explain to you!

The recent trend towards holistic beauty has helped rekindle public interest in traditional methods such as kobido and other massage methods, which have less potential harmful effects than many of these cosmetic formulations with endless lists of chemical ingredients.

“Facial gym” or “facial yoga” are some of the techniques that men and women turn to to sculpt their face and fight the signs of aging. It all comes down to certain daily exercises to strengthen the facial muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Certain beauty tools can help accentuate these effects.

The jade roller: essential

Used in China for centuries, perhaps even millennia, the jade roller has been part of Western beauty routines for some years now; today it is considered an essential element.

This little accessory, which usually consists of a handle fitted with one or two jade rollers, is even a hit with the younger generations of beauty enthusiasts on social networks. On TikTok, the hashtag #jaderoller has no less than 86 million views.

This is not surprising, given its purported benefits. The jade roller, which some also attribute to effects on inner well-being, provides a cooling sensation to the skin, and is said to boost circulation to fight dark circles and puffiness, prevent fine lines and wrinkles , and boost the elasticity of the skin.

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The accessory is now so popular that some find new ways to use it, for example to apply foundation. Jade can be replaced with rose quartz, amethyst or obsidian for various effects and benefits.

Suction cups: handle with care

Have you heard of face cupping? If this method inspired by traditional Chinese medicine is not entirely new, it has also recently been brought to the fore via social networks. Cupping not only improves blood circulation, but can also relax tension points that may form on the face without our realizing it.

As a result, this skincare technique can help soothe inflammation, reduce puffiness under the eyes, and can even stimulate collagen production.

Before you jump into the ring, be sure to take the time to educate yourself about this method which, if done incorrectly, can cause side effects such as bruising. Consult a professional to find out if you have the right profile, without contraindications, to use it, and buy kits from knowledgeable sources.

Don’t just get the first kits promoted by your favorite online influencers. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to have a first session with a professional before you start alone in your bathroom.

A cold front has swept through social media throughout 2021. From skin-icing to frozen cucumber and rice water to ice-cold Beauty Blenders… All the frozen beauty tips have been taken over by beauty addicts wishing to benefit from the effects of the cold.

Brands have been quick to follow the trend, offering tools to give your daily facial gym routine a chill. Ice Balls are now considered a crucial healing step that should not be missed.

These tools, sold in pairs, consist of small globes filled with water to be placed in the refrigerator or freezer, depending on the desired results. Once well cooled, they are then used as massage tools, either on clean, dry skin or after applying a serum or cream.

Thanks to the power of cold, they calm the skin and reduce inflammation, blemishes, puffiness and dark circles, like many tools created for facial yoga. The simple accessory can be handled without great difficulty by a majority of people.