Home Luggage This smart luggage concept uses technology to make check-in and boarding less stressful

This smart luggage concept uses technology to make check-in and boarding less stressful


We have already given away most of our data to our phones, and it’s time to put that data to good use even without a phone.

When people lose their phone, their feelings of loss and grief often focus more on the data they lost with possession. Not everything can be synced with Google or Apple accounts, and not everyone has the luxury of big cloud backups. These incidents show how much of our information is stored on our mobile devices and how dependent we have become on it at every turn. However, we can’t always get our phones out of our pockets or bags, and there can be times when having them always in our hands can be a safety hazard. Sometimes we need immediate access to information like gates and times, and this design concept argues that a luggage handle is a better tool for that than your smartphone.

Designate: Carlos Bajo

Anyone who has ever traveled long distances would have encountered the problem of not having boarding information at their fingertips when and where they need it. Some juggle paper passes, while others have “upgraded” to storing everything on their smartphones. In both cases, however, people must use their last free hand because their other hand is already holding their luggage. Even with a smartphone, this situation seems “old fashioned” and far from ideal, especially when we have all the technology we need to make it painless.

Oogo is described as a smart carry-on concept, but in reality, it’s the handle alone that really has the brains. It houses a set of electronic devices such as Bluetooth, RFID and a screen that facilitates the transfer and display of data. The idea is that you no longer even need to pull out your phone to pass through checkpoints or remember your boarding details. All you need is to press that button on Oogo’s handle.

The smartphone still plays an important role here, of course. When preparing for your trip, you enter all the usual documents and information you will need at the airport or terminal on your smartphone, then you share them with Oogo. When checking in or boarding, you can simply press Oogo’s handle on a designated receiver to share encrypted data such as your passport information and even your COVID-19 pass. The on-button fingerprint scanner allows you to authenticate your identity, eliminating the need for identity verification.

Of course, this would only work if there were systems in place to verify this data, but we may not be that far off considering how everything is connected these days to an almost frightening degree. With many bags already equipped with trackers these days, a smart luggage handle might be the next thing. Best of all, Oogo is designed to blend seamlessly with other travel luggage, stunning with its minimalist yet distinctive design. It proves that “hi-tech” doesn’t have to be flashy or “in your face” to work its magic, and, in fact, the best magic tricks are those that keep their secrets hidden in plain sight. all.