Home Luggage This American traveler returned to Europe to recover his family’s lost luggage

This American traveler returned to Europe to recover his family’s lost luggage


Has anyone lost luggage? It seems to be the orient oneself and added “flavor” for summer 2022 travel plans. An American traveler didn’t believe in chaos and after his summer in Europe ended, he took another trip to the continent, this time to retrieve lost luggage.

Without a doubt, losing luggage while traveling is a nightmare. It’s even more frustrating when you know exactly where your luggage is, but the airlines are still unresponsive. This was the case of Cameron Hopkins who returned to Europe for the sole purpose of bringing his luggage home.

The dot guy reported that weeks after Hopkins and his girlfriend returned to the United States, the lost luggage was still missing. Apparently prepared, Hopkins had Apple AirTags in each of the suitcases, which showed that the suitcases were somewhere immobile at Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) in Germany.

“He’s got an itch that you can’t scratch,” he told The Points Guy. “This is madness.”

The baggage dilemma really started when Lufthansa canceled its flight from Venice to Poland. Since Hopkins had to go to a family reunion, he paid $900 for a new flight with Eurowings. The plane then made a stopover (but no change of plane) in Düsseldorf. Here it looks like the bags were removed from the plane. Hopkins realized this as half of the flight appeared to receive his baggage while the other half did not.

The chaos of lost baggage continues

Hopkins shared that the luggage contained items of sentimental value to the family.

After shopping for essentials to get them through the trip to Krakow, filing complaints and unsuccessful calls with customer service, Hopkins realized the extent of the luggage misery. The chaos continued even upon returning to the United States.

With an unsatisfactory response from customer service, even though Hopkins could see via Apple AirTags the exact location, he made a decision. Five days after arriving home, Hopkins was out again. He jumped on a Condor flight to Düsseldorf via Frankfurt.

However, as we are in the summer of 2022, his journey has not been seamless. The second leg of his flight to Düsseldorf was cancelled. Hopkins then bought a train ticket on Deutsche Bahn to Düsseldorf.

Arriving at the airport, attendants directed him to the remote rooms where he searched and eventually located the four lost bags. Even on the way back to the US, some of the bags were lost in Poland (where Hopkins’ girlfriend has family), but luckily they were found and sent to the US.

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