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These states have banned schools from requiring Covid vaccination and masks


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At least eight states have passed laws banning schools from requiring vaccination for Covid-19 while eight have prevented them from requiring masks, but with the delta variant fueling an increase in Covid-19 cases in the Most states, a few localities have reintroduced the universal mask warrants, and some medical authorities are urging the Centers for Disease Control to revise its guidelines.


States that have banned schools and universities from requiring vaccinations include Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Arizona and Utah, according to The Wall Street Journal.

States that have banned schools from imposing masks include Vermont, South Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

CDC recommended that students should continue to wear masks indoors if they are not yet fully immunized.

States like Arkansas, Arizona and Oklahoma say they will continue to encourage students and school staff to wear masks and get vaccinated even if they don’t need them.

Following an increase in new infections linked to the spread of the more infectious delta variant, Los Angeles will reinstate its mask tenure on Saturday and Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, updated its guidelines to recommend to all people. to wear masks in crowded areas, while the National Nurses Union on Monday asked the CDC to reinstate its recommendation to wear masks regardless of immunization status.

Key context

The CDC has released an update SCOLAR orientation for Kindergarten to Grade 12 on July 9, which includes recommendations on social distancing in classrooms of at least 3 feet, use Covid-19 prevention strategies like screening and testing, cleaning and disinfection, frequent hand washing and contact tracing to prevent cases. He also asks staff to promote immunization in schools. For classes that have students under 12, which is below the vaccination age, the CDC said schools should implement “multi-level prevention strategies.”

What to watch out for

FDA mentionned On Thursday, that vaccines for children under 12 would be available from early to mid-winter. Moderna and Pfizer already launched trials in March for the under-12 age group, with Pfizer saying it may be ready to seek emergency use clearance from the FDA by September. Once the vaccines are out, the CDC may change its current guidelines for wearing masks.

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