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The well-being argument for checking baggage on vacation


“Small space. Little effort. Big impact.” This is the slogan of the non-profit group Pack for a purpose, and this small space to which it refers? It would be the neglected nooks and crannies in your luggage. The little effort? It’s about wrapping school and medical supplies around your flip flops, sunscreen, and swimwear for tropical travel this winter. And the big impact? Knowing that helping in this way allows you to support charities in areas such as child welfare, health, education and socio-economic development without even missing a margarita on the beach.

Here’s how: Pack for a Purpose partners with recognizable hotels and popular destinations around the world, like the

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

, the

Fairmont mayakoba

in Mexico,

Golden eye

in Jamaica, Oscar de la Renta

Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

in the Dominican Republic and Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. If you are lucky you will stay at a hotel that actively participates in the program and will facilitate the distribution of what you manage to bring from the destination needs list. The suggestion is five pounds or less, and donations are tax deductible since Pack for a Purpose is a 501 (c) 3 listed charity. Rebecca Rothney, the founder of the company, likes to say that “when you do your suitcases for a specific purpose, the journey you make goes further than the kilometers you cover ”.

All Sandals resorts participate as part of their Sandals foundation, and a recent booking confirmation from me even included a little reminder of this fact. Before closing my luggage the day before my flight, I took a tour of the store and, while waking up the aisles, I entered the Website Pack for a Purpose on my smartphone. There, I simply clicked on the Caribbean region, found my destination country (Grenada), clicked on my hotel (

Grenade sandals

), consulted the schools supported by the hotel and their wish lists, and started shopping. Arriving at the resort and handing over a backpack full of world maps, flash cards, compass-protractor kits, and boxes of band-aids, the journey started on such a positive note that I wished I could have packed in a specific goal in all my travels. Who knows? Maybe my little donation will make a child dream of their own future of potential adventures around the world.

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If you are not staying at a participating establishment, it is still possible to contribute. As Rothney explained to Condé Nast traveler: “There is absolutely no need for a Pack for a Purpose traveler to stay at a participating property or even use a participating travel agency if they want to pick up supplies for their projects. When travelers are kind enough to walk a mile or an extra mile to actually deliver supplies to the accommodation or travel agency, these supplies are warmly received and delivered to supported projects. ” There is even a small card which can be included in the donation to ensure it gets to where it is meant to be.

Since traveling from the United States to international destinations, such as Jamaica or Mexico, does not imply a checked baggage charge for your first piece of baggage (within weight and size limits), there is no best way to get the most out of this franchise. Plus, all that space you free up with a donation means guaranteed place for memories on the way home.

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