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The Gucci Pet collection is ridiculous…


If there’s anything more ridiculous than spending over $3,500 on a handbag, it’s spending $3,500 on a handbag for a poodle. But Gucci clearly sees a market, and he may be right. While the new Gucci Pet Collection may reflect all that is gross and outrageous about modern conspicuous consumption, I must admit that its photography is as adorable as it is absurd.

The new line for spoiled pets includes pet beds ($7,500 / £5,710), pet bowls ($1,750 / £1,230), feeding bowl travel cases ( $2,380 / £1,670) and a range of coats, T-shirts, sweaters, luxury accessories and even a radura print feeding mat and mohair beanie that looks like a strawberry. Completely useless? Absolutely, but look how happy this chihuahua looks with his $410 gold studded collar! And the corgi in his £625 GC coat thinks Christmas has come early (be sure to check out our pick of the best animal optical illusions for more animal fun).

In fact, many country animals seem rather bewildered by their fancy outfits (see more below), but then again, there are cats who won’t be impressed by anything. Still, the photography is divine, with the Namibian-German artist and regular Gucci collaborator Max Siedentopf (opens in a new tab) capturing the personality of each furry model on minimal solid background colors.

The artist wrote of the campaign on Instagram: “Inspired by Gucci’s underlying vision of individuality, even when it comes to the pets among us, each animal’s personality is highlighted on colorful backgrounds in bold hues.”

The clean shot setup creates the opportunity for beautifully adorable detail, with a mix of retro colors and a very 80s grooming, highlighted by the occasional use of lighting to create a soft focus effect in some pieces. A lot of the shots look almost effortless, but I imagine that wasn’t an easy task to pull off. Even with the best-trained animals, keeping them in position long enough for a photo shoot like this is a challenge. If you’re tempted to treat your own furry companion, you can view the entire collection on Gucci’s website. (opens in a new tab).

I’m sure Gucci’s pet collection will sell well. After all, Meta thinks people will even spend money on virtual designer clothes for 3D avatars. And the move is certainly less bizarre than the temporary Gucci handwritten logo he adopted two years ago.

Think your own pets can top Gucci’s? Make sure you have one of the best cameras and check out our guide on how to edit photos.

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