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The best handbags of spring-summer 2022

The new generation is making money, sometimes fortunes, from the resale value of the vintage bags their family members have kept. Luxury bags have been the best investment one can make in fashion. The return of spring-summer brought a rejuvenation of all new keys and highlights in the collections celebrating the hopeful return to normalcy. Considering the last two years we’ve all been living in hibernation, for the most part there hasn’t been a substantial need for bags, but spring is coming and with a new season in full swing, runway collections have a profusion of original handbags. From cute heart shapes to floral liquid fusion, wonderful mini handbags for going out, or more structured styles for bold fashion use, designers have acquired a getaway to throw on what fashion should feel like. Providing the perfect spring bag for anyone who believes in letting their handbag do the talking.

Privé Porter is one of the most prestigious luxury bag e-commerce services, which ensures its knowledge and expertise of the ultra-luxury handbag market with the aim of providing its global customers with the most coveted bags and the rarest. They specialize in sourcing, authenticating, and delivering Hermes handbags, which allude to the vast majority, even wealthy consumers. Recently, Kanye West bought another Birkin for one of his muses Chaney Jones, an extremely rare edition Birkin for $275,000 from Prive Porter, this Yeezy designer and American rapper Ye, raised eyebrows for everyone. world on its flamboyant shopping. Whether we call it a bouncing gift or a revenge gift, one thing is for sure, women treasure their bags like no other fashion merchandise. No matter how expensive or sentimental they have been, the bags will be a real boost of indulgence for the ladies, as always.

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Jacquemus has sent a spring alert by creating its range of capsules in a larger size with spring-summer colors in total, 16 different shapes and a brand new color palette. The “LE SPLASH” collection offers all the new shapes and shades we want to buy.

This season, Burberry has worked carefully on its street wear collection. Nylon woven in Italy and a reflective Horseferry print bring a sartorial touch to the brand’s heritage. Their Lola bags have been neutral yet provocative for this season.

Nothing beats the Versace jellyfish. This season, the jellyfish is reincarnated in mini size. The black and gold have been in patent leather with a logo as rich as gold can get and a large, elaborate loop handle. Even Biggie’s medusa hardware across their signature clutch hues is going viral for men to wear this season.


Isabel Marant hits the heights of spring-summer goals very quickly when it comes to her subtle sandbags, the brand is showing off a huge buildup this season with her Darwen Tote bag which has been seen with many celebrities already vacationing in St. Barths. . Farfetch sold its embossed logo woven shoulder bag in the largest quantity. Isabel Marant has mastered the raffia-patterned leather shoulder bag as well as her taggy and bayia straw tote bag.

From the Brandon Maxwell beach clutch with towel straps to the summery touch of Ulla-Johnson. We have garish embellishments from Thom Brown and Altuzarra with its large ivory deck. and the alingi landed at Harrods shopping online for their bows and heart shapes in silk and diamond settings. Valentino sprinkled his signature bag with crystals for the season just to join the show with dazzled Balmain and Prada. Bottega Veneta gave away a mop effect pouch as a toy to play with. And Louboutin showed off its Veryvee Strass mule and mini rhinestone Mary Jane bucket bags to match shoes.

The season’s collection ditched multi-layered handbags, party purses and everything between sand and beach and spring flowers. Spring-summer makes our giantess want to invest in trendy pieces, once again a real vision to own in natural floral colors, liquid prints, pearls, shells and whimsical volumes of beach and sea with delicate details.