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The 13 Best Carry-Ons and Bags for Traveling in 2022


Pack your bags and take off in style, while avoiding the dreaded baggage drop line.

Carry-on luggage is a lifesaver when traveling for long weekends and short trips, or to have everything you need close at hand in one place while the rest of your suitcases travel under the roof. plane with the biggest bags.

However, one of the most stressful aspects of flying is making sure your beloved carry-on is the right size to fit in the cabin, because no one wants to be stopped by the TSA or during the flight. boarding and guest to rearrange or check extra. Object.

Here’s where we can help, because all of the suitcases and backpacks listed here are all TSA-approved and should fit nicely in overhead or under-seat storage areas on most airplanes.

Read on to find the best hard and soft-shell suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks and more you can pack throughout 2022 and beyond.


Do not queue to drop off your luggage. Instead, check out this Samsonite Spinner, which measures 22 inches and can easily be boarded. It’s also now on sale at Walmart for over $100 off, so the time to buy is now.

A golden rigid suitcase Away
A way

Up, up and away! This bag is truly the gold standard – or silver, rose gold or black. The aluminum edition of the Away Carry-On is an upgraded version of the OG bag, which you should grab now, because the coveted classic bag is sold out at the moment.

We also got to rewatch Away, and if you couldn’t tell by the title, we can’t travel without it. Pro tip: Act fast and go for the new lavender color, perfect for spring travel.

A black wheeled suitcase

Travel like a pro with this beloved suitcase brand. The Travelpro Maxlite bag is ideal for domestic and international travel, keeping everything you need close at hand with two front pockets and is easy to roll around the airport with four wheels and a PowerScope Lite handle that locks to two different heights.

Olive green cabin suitcase with black wheels and handle

Travel light this year. For those who like to have less to go through the airport or pack in the car, this July suitcase is for you. It weighs only 1.8 kg or around 4 pounds and comes in fun enough colors like olive green and light pink to be easily spotted at the airport.

A white trunk suitcase

Travel in style with this trunk-inspired bag from Calpak. Carry-on is also on sale right now, with a 15% drop just in time for spring break preparations. The silver suitcase also comes with options to add crash protection, which isn’t a bad idea with how some airlines handle luggage, if you choose to check this bag.

A yellow sports bag with straps
Dagne Dover

Although you cannot bring water on board, you can bring a bag made up of 23 recycled water bottles. This bag from Dagne Dover is made of durable yet functional recycled neoprene fabric, with a laptop sleeve that fits most 16″ computers and a handlebar sleeve to easily separate on one of the bags above.

A black carry-on size suitcase on wheels

For a soft-sided bag with all the pockets you could want, try this carry-on for the size. Speaking of which, the bag measures 22 inches and meets most size requirements for hanging bin storage. The bag is available in black or dark eggplant purple, both of which come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A rigid white and orange suitcase

We know that air travel is a huge pollution problem, so at least you can travel carbon neutral with this Paravel bag. The Aviator Carry-On is built and shipped with the environment in mind, and they also aim to offset one flight’s emissions for every bag made.

A black sports bag
Dare to wander

Dare to go wherever you want, knowing that your bag is the cleanest on the plane. The Scout Weekender is actually made with antimicrobial technology, keeping germs at bay as well as water with their special coating.

A blue suitcase on wheels

There’s nothing wrong with the base when you need a sturdy, dependable case. This Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner bag is a great carry-on choice because it can expand to hold all of your vacation travel needs and comes in fun colors that are easy to spot in an airport crowded with black and white bags. silver.

Light pink rigid cabin suitcase with handle and black wheels

Swap this travel season with a new carry-on from Herschel. The Trade carry-on has a hard outer shell and is available in two sizes: a larger 23-inch carry-on and a standard 21-inch.

A black Ted Baker wheeled suitcase
Ted Baker

Go through TSA in style with this bag from Ted Baker. Not only is it super stylish, but the added features like the lock and double zippers make it perfect for any type of travel.

A black softshell wheeled suitcase

Act fast, because this high-performance carry-on from Briggs & Riley is a hot item. This brand is sold on Amazon and also offers an option for a matching backpack, should you wish to travel with the stylish matching set.

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