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The 10 Best Board Game Accessories, Ranked


Many tabletop gamers enjoy gaming accessories as a way to upgrade their current games, making game night even more impressive and immersive.

The hobby of table games is growing in popularity every day. Every year more than 3,000 new board games are released and many new board game companies are created. With the growing popularity of the hobby also came the desire to find ways to beautify or improve a player’s gaming experience.

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Many gamers enjoy gaming accessories as a way to upgrade their current games or upgrade their game in general. There are accessories of all types in all price ranges. From painting miniatures to building sets, gamers everywhere have continued to find ways to make game night even more awesome and immersive.

ten Laminators can improve the quality of player boards

Laminator Laminating A Sheet Of Paper

Laminators are great little machines that can be purchased online for less than $25. Gamers use laminators for all sorts of reasons. Some games feature scenarios that are only available online, so instead of having to look at a screen or print it out on standard printer paper, players can print out the scenario and laminate it for a component of best quality. They are also very useful for creating dry erase surfaces. Instead of single-use sheets of paper, players can laminate them and use dry-erase markers.

9 Extra dice can improve a game immediately

Extra dice are always a good thing to have on hand. While many games include the number of dice needed, some games do not and require players to roll multiple times and note previous results. These minor annoyances are quickly eliminated by adding extra dice to the game.

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There are also themed dice available that can match the style of the game being upgraded. An extra set of dice is also often used to eliminate the need for players to roll dice after each turn by simply giving all players their own dice to roll.

8 Game organizers make it easy to set up a game

Board game organizer for the Caverna board game

Game organizers can significantly reduce set-up and tear-down time. By using a game organizer specially designed for a particular game, players can access the game faster without having to separate all the pieces. Organizers are often made of foam, plastic, or wood, and some of them even come with bonuses like dice tricks. The organizers also provide good protection for game components and stability for the game box itself, so there’s less to worry about when traveling or transporting games.

7 Etsy’s upgrades can bring a new twist to a favorite game

There are many wonderful designers on the Etsy site. Game fans and artists are all over the website, creating and selling goodies for favorite games. Many gamers like to upgrade the components of their favorite games to make them more attractive and flashy on the table. Etsy sellers offer a wide range of different types of upgrades for games, ranging from simple card boxes to fully painted plastic replacements of a cardboard token. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what’s available on Etsy.

6 Poker chips are a great replacement for paper money

Many gamers agree that the most hated component of any board game is paper money. Paper money usually doesn’t last very long, it’s cheaply produced, and a gust of wind can shatter everything. A great alternative to this is poker chips. Poker chips are available in many places and some companies even make poker chips specifically for board games. Some gamers even go a step further and replace in-game cash with custom metal coins. However, poker chips remain the favorite of many players.

5 Card sleeves protect game components

Card sleeves to protect playing and trading cards

Card sleeves are sure to be familiar to any player who has played a collectible card game such as Pokemon Where Magic: The Gathering. Card sleeves are a great way to protect cards in a board game, especially when a lot of shuffling is required or the secrecy of the card is critically important.

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Some card sleeves are specially designed for certain games so players can continue to feel immersed in the experience even after protecting all the cards. The most popular sleeves are clear for players who prefer original card backs.

4 Playmats make it easy to pick up components

Board game mat to use for board games

Every player has felt the difficulty of trying to pick up a card on a hardwood surface, only to find it’s nearly impossible and end up just dragging the entire card off the edge of the table instead. Playmats solve this problem by providing a soft and flexible playing surface that makes it much easier to pick up cards, player sheets, etc. They also provide a soft surface for rolling dice so the piercing sound of plastic hitting the wood won’t disrupt game night. Many playing surfaces replace game boards while others are simply used to facilitate play .

3 Board game tables are the most expensive accessories

Rathskellers Phalanx Board Game Table with Board Game Played on It

While many gamers play board games on a somewhat casual level, some gamers take the hobby a little more seriously. For board game enthusiasts, one of the best accessories is a game table. Game tables usually have recessed playing surfaces with a play mat that makes it easier to manipulate the components and the lip around the table prevents the dice and other components from falling off the board. Although it can be quite expensive to purchase, a gaming table can also completely transform a gaming experience.

2 3D printers allow full customization

3D printer printing an item

When it comes to customizing and creating components for a board game, 3D printing is the easiest and fastest solution. When 3D printers were first released, they were extremely expensive. However, there are plenty of entry-level printers these days that can get the job done for most gamers.

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Many hobbyists also use 3D printers to upgrade components – some even post the files of their creations online so others can easily download and print them themselves. Gamers are only limited by their creativity when it comes to printing new and improved components for their favorite games.

1 Component trays keep everything in one place

Most board games require players to place components within reach of all players in an orderly pile next to the board. However, this is much easier said than done as it can be difficult to keep all the components in one place. The best solution to this drawback is component trays. There are tons of different component trays made of plastic, rubber, and wood. These useful accessories make it easier for gamers to organize components during setup and they also contribute a lot to usability during gameplay.

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