Home Accessories Superdrug overtakes Claire’s accessories as number one high street piercing outlet – Retail Times

Superdrug overtakes Claire’s accessories as number one high street piercing outlet – Retail Times


Health and beauty giant Superdrug today announced it had become the biggest high street piercing specialist, with Claire’s Accessories previously holding the title for over 40 years.

Superdrug now operates over 340 piercing hotspots in its highly qualified beauty studios and stores across the country, with 5 new areas opening weekly this year, and aims to introduce the service in each of its 840 stores.

The move is part of the chain’s offering to help customers achieve the perfect “organized ear,” a trend that emerged in 2019 and has more than 7 million pierced ear views to date and breakthroughs with art on TikTok. The retailer performed 28,000 piercings in 2022 alone.

As well as being the biggest piercing specialist on the high street, Superdrug also offers the cheapest service. Additionally, to ensure that the piercing experience is as safe, supportive and painless as possible, the retailer also continues to offer free aftercare with its piercing services, which is charged extra by high street competitors.

And while former UK piercing leader Claire’s Accessories offered piercings for customers from the age of 3 months, Superdrug took the decision to offer the service only to people over the age of three who could verbally express the desire to have or not to have a piercing.

The piercing services will take place both in Superdrug’s expert beauty studios and in standard stores where 1,000 colleagues have been trained by world-renowned experts at Los Angeles-based Studex.

In addition to piercing and aftercare, Superdrug is expanding its jewelry offering to complement this service, with 72 new jewelry products launched exclusively in precious metals, the only option available for piercings at Superdrug.

Speaking on the go, Jenna McKewan, Senior Director of Beauty Services, said: ‘We are so proud to claim the number one spot for body piercing just five years after the service was introduced. It is so important to us that getting your ears pierced with Superdrug is a positive, professional and hygienic experience, and we are delighted to have been able to offer this to hundreds of thousands of customers so far.

Visit your local Superdrug store to find out more about your next piercing, with prices starting at £11.50.