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Steam Deck owners are already criticizing the new accessory


Steam Deck users getting impatient while waiting for an official Steam Deck dock may have become even more irritated this week after some images of the accessory surfaced online. It’s apparently featured at Tokyo Game Show events, but its design has drawn some criticism from those who have since wondered why it only has one USB-C port, and that port seems to be reserved for the USB-C port. device power supply. .

More than one image of the Steam Deck dock has been seen online so far, but most have looked at the one posted by Reddit user ElderberryLarge9104 when discussing the device. This docking station, seen below, has two different inputs ranging from a DisplayPort to an HDMI port and an Ethernet port. It looks like there are three USB-A slots, but only one USB-C slot is spotted. The fact that it is in use and there is a plug symbol above it indicates that the only USB-C connection is needed to power the device.

look clearly at the back of the official Tokyo Game Show Steam Deck Dock. every unit they had on display was on a dock. by SteamDeck

It’s this exact design decision (assuming it’s indeed the finalized design) that hasn’t gone down well so far with people who have criticized the lack of extra USB-C ports. Since the Steam Deck’s focus is on-the-go gaming, some have said they’d rather have more USB-C ports to use different display connections than carry around the bulkier HDMI and DisplayPort cords. Others are already considering alternatives if this is the final design, but it’s worth noting that the current docking station competitor offered by JSAUX doesn’t have additional USB-C ports either. beyond one for loading.

Just like other pieces of hardware and accessories, Valve’s Steam Deck has been delayed due to parts shortages, which has led to an increase in third-party solutions like JSAUX’s. An image shared on the Steam Deck site already showed this dock when Valve started sharing details about it, but the most recent sighting at the Tokyo Game Show more or less confirmed the suspicions about USB-C options.