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Starboard offers Italian Renaissance-inspired retail on Costa Firenze – Cruise Industry News


Starboard Cruise Services is the origin of the retail experience aboard the new Costa Firenze, which the company says celebrates Florence with distinct Italian designers, ship-exclusive collections and memorable shopping experiences.

“Attracting Costa’s incredibly diverse customers, our teams have created an authentic Italian shopping experience, amplifying our partner’s vision of bringing warm Italian hospitality to the sea,” said Lisa Bauer, Chief Executive Officer by Starboard. “Costa Firenze represents a new step in our long-term partnership with Costa Cruises. It has truly been a pleasure to work closely together to capture the spirit of the Italian brand and create personalized onboard sales experiences for its unique guest profiles. “

Galleria boutiques in Firenze span 13 stores offering a variety of categories from fine jewelry and clothing to handbags, travel souvenirs and travel essentials.

The ship features revolving Italy-themed collections, with merchandise refreshed twice on each trip – with Florentine memorabilia such as pottery, magnets, miniatures, key chains and more. The stores also offer a retail concierge service, allowing for in-cabin shopping, private appointments and in-store outings led by a concierge, according to Starboard.

You can make a piece of Italian culture your own by shopping for handbags from Florentine designers, such as Ferragamo.

Other specialist Italian brands making their debut on the Costa ship include fashion jewelry brand, Ciclamini, intricate handmade jewelry; Myto Firenze, trendy jewelry; and Save My Bag, a collection of chic and colorful tote bags, pouches, shoulder straps and bucket bags.

New for European customers, the luxury vintage brand, What Goes Around Comes Around, offers Costa Firenze customers the opportunity to choose from a selection of designer handbags from Louis Vuitton.

“Costa Firenze is the perfect ambassador of Italian style, which we have combined with a series of product innovations designed especially for families and couples. The onboard boutique offering completes the immersive Italy cruise vacation experience for all of our European customers, ”added Giuseppe Carino, Vice President, Onboard Customer Experience and Sales.

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