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Spring 2022 Vaquera Ready-to-Wear Collection


Backstage at the Vaquera show, designers Patric DiCaprio and Bryn Taubensee spoke about superstition and the fight against evil. Their spring 2022 collection has definitely banished the bad vibes. It wasn’t only that the models stomped with such fury that one could practically feel the negativity evaporate from Cortlandt Alley, but that the collection of DiCaprio and Taubensee had a special lightness.

It may seem counterintuitive from the pictures. Sure, there’s a lot of black and tons of volume, but even the most gigantic pieces – see: the trash bag dress – had exuberant buoyancy. Taubensee walked in a neon green lace veil that was so windy that she feared it would fly away right away. A striped Norma Kamali jumpsuit had wings to catch air, and even chunky denim shorts and jeans were cut ultra-wide to dance around the models’ hips. (The potential for a little upper-thigh exposure was high – and then, lo and behold, a pair of orange leggings came out with a heart cut out at the back. Soft and frizzy.)

With the support of Dover Street Market Paris, Vaquera’s collections have become more viable for production. That’s not to say that DiCaprio and Taubensee design in a commercial spirit – a safety pin dress took DiCaprio days, and he has callused fingers to prove it. But they are expanding their offering with more dresses, more bralettes, more shorts and more humor. Neon pieces and faux reflective tape are sure to inspire shoppers looking for a killer re-emergence look, and for the more cherubic Vaquera kids there’s a cool new accessory in the form of a ruffled belt. extra long. In sequins and ruffles, it can be thrown over anything for a touch of cheeky fun. Positive vibes abound.


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