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‘So much relief’: Sales increase for hard-hit travel retailers as more VTLs open


A bureau de change, Regent Money Changer, has also not benefited from the increase in travel – simply because its outlets have remained closed, as they are in hotels serving quarantined travelers.

In any case, its business relies heavily on those traveling to and from neighboring countries such as China, Thailand or India, for which travel without quarantine is not yet an option, Mr. Abdul Mu’id, who was helping his father run. deals.

And they are not betting on a rapid recovery in tourism. “Even though the borders have opened up and you can travel, go back to the original form – I think it won’t be for now, maybe after five years,” he said.


In the future, stores hope that the sales momentum will continue to grow.

Indeed, the end of the year has traditionally been a peak time for sales, given the holiday season, said Mr. Aw Yang of The Planet Traveler.

Mr Tan of Luggage Outlet added that the upcoming sales on 11.11 and 12.12 should also give retailers a boost.

Winter Time also said it expects sales to increase another 15-20% over the next two months, especially if more VTLs are announced.

More leisure travelers are expected to return to the market in the coming months, the companies said.

“Travel, after all, is one of Singaporeans’ favorite pastimes and VTLs certainly provide a respite from the daily grind imposed by the pandemic at work,” Tan said.

Ms. Lim from Travel Store added, “I think most Singaporeans are still very conservative, they will want to watch and see… So maybe next year (sales) will improve further.

“I’m not sure (how much sales will increase), but at least it’s up, so I’m already very happy… So as long as it goes up, we see the light.”


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