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Snoop Dogg and Keenan Allen inspire kids with special needs at football camp – VIBE.com


Snoop Dogg and Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen have teamed up to help inspire kids with special needs. Partnering with Snoop’s nonprofit, the Snoop Youth Football League, Allen provided on-grid coaching with the goal of empowering every participant.

In 2017, the youth football league added the Snoop Special Stars Football and Cheer division to the league to serve “all special needs children and young adults (5-18+) with physical and intellectual disabilities”.

“It’s about giving these kids the opportunity to be kids…to have fun,” Snoop said in a clip posted to the Chargers’ official team website, in line with his history of providing from various outlets to young people in downtown Los Angeles. the last decades. In a video recorded at camp, five-time NFL Pro Bowler Allen also expressed his desire to make the day special for attendees and provide them with valuable information they can learn from.

In an effort to “break down the negative stigma surrounding special needs and provide positive support and resources within the downtown communities and surrounding areas,” the Snoop Special Stars Division hopes bringing in stars like Allen will help to enrich children’s lives, to instill joy, and to provide lifelong lessons they will take with them forever.

“These kids know what it means when an NFL player comes here, take this time to coach them and give them that love and inspiration…and for those kids to smile and have fun and know that everything is okay” , Snoop said. “It’s the best feeling in the world when you can give someone joy.”

Watch a clip from Snoop Special Stars Camp below.