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Sisters hide in bedroom in terrifying San Francisco home invasion robbery – CBS San Francisco



SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Two San Francisco sisters huddled in a bedroom, terrified of a gang of burglars who ransacked their Outer Mission / Ingleside neighborhood residence in a brazen crime in broad daylight.

They relived those moments in an exclusive interview with KPIX 5’s Betty Yu. Still fearing for their safety, the sisters demanded that their names not be released.

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Security video shows a gray car belonging to the suspects pulled back into the victim’s driveway on January 4. The thieves make their way to the front door and appear to be using some sort of tool to smash the iron gate.

All the while, two sisters were inside around 9:30 a.m.

“I heard thumping noises upstairs, but thought it was just my mom coming in like she might have forgotten something,” one of the sisters told KPIX 5. another 5 minutes or so and thought that was weird. I was already very suspicious, so I picked up my phone… I went upstairs and shouted, “Mum, dad, is that you?

When no one answered, she said she woke her sister up and called 911.

“I hid in the closet, because I didn’t know what to do, I was really scared,” she said.

Meanwhile, her sister could now hear the thieves downstairs outside the bedroom a few feet away.

“’There’s a whole’ other place here, ‘said the other sister, referring to a thief’s conversation. “He was yelling at someone else and they just started knocking on the door.”

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The sisters shared a photo of the damage to the bedroom door – it was almost torn in half. When one of them shouted, it frightened the suspects, who left with money, jewelry, handbags and sentimental items.

They jumped into a waiting getaway car and drove away.

“I thought they would hurt us. I thought if anything, I could distract them for a second and my sister could run away, or run past them or something, but I don’t know – a million things got to me. have gone through the head. It was like panic, ”said the sister standing closest to the bedroom door.

The family said police believed they had been targeted.

“The police told us, and mom too, she said ‘Why did this happen to us, we don’t even look like much’, and they told us they were targeting Asian households. They are looking for Asian families, ”said one sister.

The family has since added a number of security measures, including reinforcements at the front door.

The sisters also added that their pets alerted them to intruders first – their cat was making unusual noises and their dog immediately started barking.

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KPIX 5 has contacted SFPD regarding this matter.