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Side Hustles for MBTI Types – Brit + Co


A side hustle is a great way to earn some extra cash or, if you’re dreaming of start your own business, dip your toes into entrepreneurship without taking the plunge. After all, it’s low risk, flexible, and you can work on projects you like.

But one of the most common questions I hear is “how do I come up with a business idea?”

The Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment offers information about your likes and dislikes and can be used to determine the type of side business you might be cut for. Get ready to start your scramble with business ideas for each of the Type MBTI.

INTJ (“The Architect”)

You are analytical, introverted and quick to learn new topics that interest you. Although you enjoy working on big problems, you are not a people person and are fiercely independent. One of your main strengths is taking complex topics and turning them into actionable strategies. You’ll thrive as a business consultant, technology consultant, or freelance writer.

INTP (“The Logician”)

As a Logician, you are creative, full of ideas and innovative – a perfect match for many side hustles. At the same time, although you like to find solutions to problems, you do not necessarily want to work on the background of reality to transform your vision. Also, as an introvert, you prefer to avoid wasting time on small talk. Look for side businesses such as innovation consulting, starting a software business, and tutoring.

ENTJ (“The Commander”)

You are a natural leader with a healthy dose of confidence. You are firm believers in your goals and have a knack for thinking strategically and focusing on the long term. With these characteristics in mind, some of the most important activities for you are executive coaching, business strategy consulting, and trust coaching.

ENTP (“The Debater”)

ENTPs are known for thinking big and challenging the status quo. You are someone who knows how to connect different ideas to prove your point and who has a great sense of humor. You could succeed as a sales consultant, speaking coach, Substack newsletter writer, or podcaster.

INFJ (“The Advocate”)

With a deep sense of idealism and integrity, you are passionate about leaving a lasting impact. You enjoy uplifting and helping others, and you value meaningful relationships with those around you. Why not force your side to shake up your mission? Some of the best ideas for you are nonprofit consulting, photography, and life coaching.

INFP (“The Mediator”)

You are imaginative and empathetic with a strong need for creative expression. Your side business can be a great motivator for you, but be sure to take action and get it off the ground. After all, this type of personality often gets stuck daydreaming rather than taking action to achieve their dreams. A few side ideas include freelance writing, marketing consulting, or designing your own jewelry.

ENFJ (“The Protagonist”)

As a popular leader with a strong sense of duty, you want to help those around you. And while you stand up for what you believe in, you always do so without appearing too pushy. Because you light up when you help others excel, side activities such as leadership coaching, career coaching, self-esteem coaching, and wedding planning will work well for you.

ENFP (“The Militant”)

Outgoing and friendly, you tend to be the life of the party, while you enjoy deep, meaningful connections with others. Because you have so many ideas and interests, you might find it hard to focus on just one stirring idea. But remember that even if you go into a side business today, you can always expand into other areas in the future. Side businesses where you can use your soft skills and creativity are likely to motivate you the most. You can use your core strengths by creating a side hustle as a freelance social media manager, public relations consultant, freelance journalist, or charisma coach.

ISTJ (“The Logistician”)

You thrive when you work towards a goal, especially if you manage to do it on your own. Rules and guidelines are important to you and between facts and emotions, you always choose the facts. Where you really shine is in keeping things running smoothly and efficiently and building consistent long-term projects. That’s why you should consider app development, real estate investing, productivity coaching, or management consulting as side businesses.

ISFJ (“The Defender”)

Even if you are introverted, you like to connect with others. Working with people brings you a lot of joy and you go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. You might even qualify as a perfectionist, which makes virtual assistance, customer satisfaction consulting, relationship coaching, and home decorating some of the best options for you.

ESTJ (“The Executive”)

People often come to you for advice and guidance and you are a born community builder. You are a project manager at heart and your superpower is to turn complex challenges into simple steps. This is why your accompanying ideas should involve some level of organization and structure. For example, you would stand out as a freelance project manager, freelance community manager, team building consultant, or financial planner.

ESFJ (“The Consul”)

As a hands-on, well-organized, and social person, you’re pretty much cut out for a secondary hustle where you work with people. And because you enjoy providing value to those around you, starting a side hustle as a health coach, Airbnb host, employee engagement consultant, or HR consultant can be especially rewarding.

ISTP (“The Virtuoso”)

With your love for doing stuff in mind, any side hustle where you can use your hands-on skills is the perfect fit for you. You don’t thrive if things get too structured and you love the independence a company can give you. Look at secondary activities such as starting a TaskRabbit or Thumbtack account, designing graphics, or starting your own repair shop.

ISFP (“The Adventurer”)

You have an eye for the arts and beauty and you live for creative freedom. A side hustle can give you a creative outlet if you don’t already feel fulfilled in your 9-5. And since you don’t like to plan too far ahead (say, for your retirement), a side gig can earn you some much-needed income. For example, start an Etsy e-commerce store, become a freelance creative director or image consultant, or sell your artwork online.

ESTP (“The Entrepreneur”)

A side hustle can bring a lot of excitement into your life. You are a leader with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. And since you’re not a big fan of rigor or rules, stepping into the role of a business leader can be extremely rewarding for you. Some of the best business ideas include an independent sales rep, a branding consultant, and starting your own e-commerce business.

ESFP (“The Facilitator”)

You know how to throw a party and you are always there for those who need you. Although you’re not particularly interested in repetitive tasks, you enjoy working with people and making them happy. With your impeccable aesthetic, a side business such as an event planning company, fashion brand, or tour company is a great fit for you.

I hope you are now on your way to finding your side hustle idea. All MBTI types have their own weaknesses and strengths. Use them and you’ll find the perfect match for your personality type.

Luisa Zhou is an entrepreneur and the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system, which teaches people how to quit their day job and start their own six-figure-plus business working for themselves. She’s been featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more. Register here to get his free plan for build a profitable online business that frees you from the 9-5.