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Resident Evil Village Sell items: what to sell of your precious treasure

Resident Evil Village Sell items: what to sell of your precious treasure

As you roam the wilderness in search of Rose, Ethan stumbles upon “valuable”, “very valuable” and “combinable” items, and it’s hard to know what to keep. here is what treasures to sell at Resident Evil Village, just in case you’re worried about selling something big.

Resident Evil Village brings back a favorite system from the series – the concept of a trip Merchant that you encounter during your heartbreaking adventure. As well as being ready to sell you important stat-boosting gear, materials, upgrades, and meals, the merchant – known in this game as The Duke – can also buy you items.

Being able to sell items leads to a classic conundrum, however: what should you sell to the duke? You obviously don’t want to sell anything big – and that’s where this page comes in, to help explain so you don’t make an unfortunate mistake.

What treasures for sale in Resident Evil Village

To explain this simply, there are a few key things you need to know about the various treasures you collect in Resident Evil Village. We’ll walk you through these, which will give you the basics – then we’ll get into a bit more detail. Here is-

  • Not all items critical to progression can be sold. So don’t panic! You cannot accidentally sell anything that you will need later to continue. Specifically, your items are divided in three ways: your inventory for standard use items, “key items” for all story items like keys or puzzle pieces, and “treasure” for, well , Treasure. The things on that last tab are what’s meant for sale to the Duke.
  • The treasures themselves are divided into a few main categories; they will either be referred to after their description as simply “Precious” and “Very Precious”, or they will be referred to as “Precious” and “Combinable”. This last category is the one to watch; you must keep the combinable elements.

So, yes – in short, you are sure to sell absolutely anything that is described simply as “valuable” or “very valuable”. The very fair indicates that this is a rarer item that is worth more; but whatever is just valuable you can sell to the duke to get a bunch of Lei to inject into upgrades and resources.

However, you should keep everything that is described as “Combinable”. This is because it means that there are additional items that go with that item in question.

Just like the way you combine weapon upgrades on a firearm, in the menus you can combine items that form a “set” to create a new one. This new item is just another valuable treasure, but it will sell for a lot more than the components alone.

For example, you can separately find two parts of a wooden animal statue in the village as a wooden animal (head) and wooden animal (body). By not selling them individually, you can combine them into a complete wooden animal statue which can then be sold to the Duke for almost double the amount of Lei compared to selling the pieces separately.

It never hurts to save items to wait and see if you find your combinable partner, as Treasure doesn’t take up space in your inventory.

Combinable items in Resident Evil Village

There are only a handful of items that can be combined in total in Resident Evil Village, and they’re all largely straightforward. For the record, here are the combinable elements that go together, so you can keep an eye on them. If you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, we suggest you follow our Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

  • Silver ring + azure eye = azure eye ring
  • Wooden animal (head) + wooden animal (body) = wooden animal statue
  • Madalina (Head) + Madalina (Body) = Miss Madalina Doll
  • Necklace with Two Holes + Pigeon Blood Stone + Large Pigeon Blood Stone = Dimitrescu Necklace
  • Mechanical part (cylinder) + mechanical part (shaft) = Heisenberg hammer

These items are extremely valuable, some of them worth up to 50,000 Lei – so you should make sure you keep them. You will also get a “Repairer” trophy / achievement the first time you rebuild a Combinable Treasure.

Note that in general, you will naturally encounter half of the item if you explore the game world fully, but generally the second half is more hidden. For example, in Dimitrescu Castle you will come across the Silver Ring very easily, but you will have to backtrack, follow a treasure map, and solve a puzzle towards the end of your time there to get the azure eye to complete it. .

Selling excess food to the Duke

The Resident Evil Village food and cooking system is one that has its own guide. We have a full list of dining venues in Resident Evil Village, here. But one thing worth noting is that you can also sell food to the Duke – and you might be tempted to do that, because unlike treasures, food takes up valuable inventory space.

Note that the kitchen screen with the Duke, once unlocked by story progression, is not an ‘all or nothing’ affair. What we mean by this is that if a recipe calls for 4 poultry and 1 meat to cook, you don’t need to lay everything down at once. Instead, if you had, say, 3 poultry, you could drop them into the kitchen menu and therefore remove them from your inventory. You can come back and give him the rest of the meat later.

Beyond the limited meat required for each of the recipes, any excess can be sold for a small profit, which can come in handy in New Game Plus, when animals reappear but your upgrades continue.


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