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R. Riveter, Jeep Forges New Partnership | Business


Jeep Collab by R. Riveter, “The Bucket Bag” and cover

In a remarkable feat of business acumen, R. Riveter, the small platoon of military wives channeling the spirit of Rosie the Riveter through the design and production of handbags, has formed a relationship with Jeep and produced products Limited Edition Jeep x R.Riveter. . Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley, owners and founders of Southern Pines, were delighted to announce the deal on Tuesday.

Terms of the deal, including how long the limited-run production will last, were not immediately disclosed.

The timing is more on the message, since March is International Women’s Month. The 2022 theme “Break the Bias” encompasses the idea of ​​”a world where difference is valued and celebrated”. Part of the mission of this 111 year celebration is “Together we can forge equality for women”.

Jeep owners have their own wave, their own tradition and their own season. One of the principles of Jeep ownership is that if a Jeep is pulled over, you pull over to help. When Jeep season arrives – it varies by region – you lower the top and keep it there until the Jeep season is over. No exceptions. If it’s raining, you pull the plugs on the ground and keep going. This is Jeep life.

R. Riveter, now an official licensee and partner of Jeep/Chrysler, chose a vintage color scheme and the original 1940s Jeep Willy logo for his collection. The company made two styles of handbags, a larger handbag priced at $298 and a smaller clutch priced at $68. Cruse, celebrating the collaboration, believes that “R. Riveter is a handbag company on a mission. We are here to support our country’s military and their families.

Jeep, with total sales of $46.2 billion worldwide last year, originated as the iconic workhorse of World War II. Historian Charles K. Hyde said the Jeep “had an almost mythological reputation for toughness, durability and versatility”. The most recognizable military vehicle used in history, it shaped the future of all sport utility vehicles.

Rosie and Jeep

Rosie poses with her new Jeep R. Riveter bags.

The World War II icon of “Rosie the Riveter” — and the women she represents — played a big part in that fame. Working almost exclusively for men going to war, more than 363,000 Jeeps were assembled and sent to the battlefields.

Cruse, in celebration of International Women’s Month, reinforces the importance of what her business stands for: building strong relationships with other women. “We instinctively work together to create a solution,” she said. “Our greatest superpowers are our ability to draw strength from other women.”