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PXG Cactus Leather Eco-Friendly Handbag Collection



Continuing to add to its golf lifestyle brand, Arizona-based PXG has now released a series of eco-friendly cactus leather handbags focused on the location and founding ethos of the line.

PXG’s Cactus leather handbag collection includes six bag styles, and options arrive in a duffel bag, tote bag, crossbody bag, backpack, phone case, and bag. shoulder strap. The main emphasis is on sustainability, which is why the accessories are made with Desserto® vegan leather, produced from a nopal cactus. This texture is an organic plant-based substance, without PVC and without heavy metals, with a soft touch. In addition, the manufacturing process minimizes water consumption and energy dissipation which meets stringent quality and environmental standards. The PXG pattern still remains on the brand with the consistent history of the bold black color. Take note of the essential details of the metal nameplates, which are a tribute to Bob Parsons’ service in the military.

“As we strive to constantly improve our sustainability efforts, working with Desserto has become a natural fit for this collection,” said Renee Parsons, President and Chief Creative Officer of PXG. “Their brand ethics are aligned with PXG, and we appreciate their incredible and unwavering commitment to creating a material that doesn’t sacrifice resource efficiency for quality. ”

Be sure to check out the collection of PXG Cactus leather handbags coming out on December 2. the official PXG website and retail stores.

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