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Princess interpreter’s nightmare at Disneyland after British Airways ‘lost’ £3,000 worth of luggage


A County Durham performer princess has told how her dream trip to Disneyland turned into a ‘nightmare’ after her £3,000 luggage went missing on her flight home.

‘Disney obsessed’ Leah Middleton was gutted when her suitcase filled with thousands of pounds of princess gifts failed to show up at Manchester Airport after her annual Disneyland vacation in Orlando, Florida. The 20-year-old had just been enjoying a 12-night break at the Disney resort with his boyfriend Tommy Tiazzolla, 19, when the couple realized their suitcases had gone missing on their trip home from the Heathrow Airport in Manchester on July 3.

Determined not to let him ruin their vacation, the couple returned home to Dipton hoping their luggage would arrive soon but, nearly six weeks later, aspiring actress Leah said they were still waiting for her missing case.

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Leah, who works as a Princess Belle artist for the holidays, said her suitcase contained around £3,000 worth of items, including six Disney backpacks worth over £70 each. But the most important items that went missing were his prescription sunglasses and a retainer that cost hundreds of pounds.

“My boyfriend picked up his file a few days later and it was updated through the process, but I haven’t been updated since leaving Heathrow Airport,” said said Leah.

Leah Middleton and her boyfriend Tommy Tiazzolla at Disneyland Orlando, Florida.

“I called baggage claim every day for the first few weeks and was given a referral code to log into updates and there were updates on Tommy’s case but not mine. . I called every day and each person told me something different.”

She continued, “The main things are the prescription sunglasses and the retainer.

“Glasses cost £150 and I have Vasalign braces and I have a retainer for them which cost £300 to replace. I need to replace them as soon as possible but, if my teeth move more, then I will have to get new braces which will cost an additional £3,000.”

Leah said she even made a second trip to Manchester Airport on July 11 after being told on a baggage claim call that her suitcase was ready for collection. However, when he arrived, customer service told him he was not there.

In addition to daily calls, Leah tried contacting BA via TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to no avail. “They have to make do,” she said.

“They don’t seem to understand that it’s people’s lives that they’re playing with. Imagine if I was a bride and my wedding dress was in there or if I had a baby and all the business of baby were in there?”

Leah was also frustrated with the compensation process. After spending three hours filling out a form for missing items, Leah says she has to wait up to five weeks for compensation to be paid.

“I can understand BA being very busy, but people seem to be reading from a script and not caring to help you,” she said. “Customer service has been really bad.”

She continued: “It’s so frustrating. For the first two weeks I called them every day. I spent hours on the phone.

“It’s all been a bit of a nightmare.”

Leah Middleton with one of her Disney backpacks at Disneyland Orlando, Florida.
Leah Middleton with one of her Disney backpacks at Disneyland Orlando, Florida.

British Airways has apologized to Leah for the delay in “reuniting” her with her suitcase.

A British Airways spokesman said: “We are doing everything we can to reunite our customers with their bags as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused.”

British Airways said it sends delayed baggage directly to customers, using the address they provided to the airline. He said he always asks customers to make sure they include as much information as possible in their missing baggage reports, including details such as the brand of the bag and any contents that would help the team identify more quickly. their luggage.

The airline said “disbursements for essential items” can be submitted through its website.