Home Handbags Primark shoppers praise ‘super cute’ £8 handbags that are ‘summer vibes’

Primark shoppers praise ‘super cute’ £8 handbags that are ‘summer vibes’


Primark shoppers are smitten with two ‘cute’ handbags after spotting them on Instagram.

Since the department store does not have an online store, Primark often shares photos of her latest clothes, shoes and more on her PageInstagram to keep buyers informed.

Primark recently shared a photo of two small cross-body handbags, one white and one pale yellow, which cost £8 each and give shoppers a “summer vibe”.

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The caption shared with the image reads: “We’ll take one in each colour! Swipe for a closer look. Shoulder bags £8/€10/$12 each.”

Many shoppers were quick to share their thoughts on the handbags. One said: “These are so cute”.

A second wrote: “The yellow is beautiful!

A third commented: “Omg summer vibe”.

And a fourth adds: “These are super cute, I love the pastel shades from Primark”.

Another buyer said: “I need” followed by a heart emoji.

Someone else alerted her handbag friend who replied, “I need both.”

Primark handbags can be bought in stores now for £8 each. You can find your nearest Primark here.

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