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Players respond to Wimbledon match-fixing allegations


Georgian Nikolaz Basilashvili has denied the match-fixing allegations made against him. Photo: Getty

A Georgian tennis star at the center of Match-fixing allegations at Wimbledon vehemently denied the explosive allegations made against him.

Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili and Russian Aslan Karatsev are both embroiled in a match-fixing scandal after being named in a bombshell report by German broadcaster ZDF.

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The German broadcaster alleges that the two players were offered money to fix matches at previous Wimbledon Championships.

Basilashvili’s alleged match-fixing allegedly took place in his first-round doubles match at Wimbledon last year, where the Georgian and partner Radu Albot lost in three sets.

According to the German report, suspicious bets of over $700,000 were placed during the match, with the Tennis Integrity Agency investigating the allegations.

In a forceful response to the German report, Basilashvili refuted any suggestion that he was guilty of match fixing.

“I found out that the German media had mentioned my name in connection with an alleged match fixing,” Basilashvili said.

“Such accusations have no basis and I deny them. I will not allow my reputation to be tarnished by unfounded and absurd accusations.

“This is why I demand that the media stop these allegations and lies. The public must be informed that I deny all these allegations.

“I have authorized a law firm in Germany to protect my interests and to counter the spread of disinformation in any way possible.”

Karatsev – who has previously been at the center of match-fixing allegations – told Russian media he had no idea where the latest allegations came from.

Seen here, Russian Aslan Karatsev plays a forehand against Serbian Novak Djokovic at the Rome Masters in 2022.

Russian Aslan Karatsev plays a forehand against Serbian Novak Djokovic at the 2022 Rome Masters. Photo: Getty

He is believed to be linked to five matches at the center of suspicious betting activity.

“I haven’t heard anything about it. I do not know what you’re talking about. And should I comment on this nonsense? How many times have they written such things about me, have I ever been convicted? »

Belarusian coach Yegor Yatsyk at the center of the investigation

According to the German report, both players have been questioned by French police in connection with the alleged scandal.

Belarus coach Yegor Yatsyk is also believed to be at the center of the investigation, with Karatsev’s father Kazbek admitting he was aware of the charges against the coach.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. It’s just not possible,” Karatsev’s father, Kazbek, told Russian media RIA Novosti.

“I know (coach) Yatsyk was already suspected of match fixing in 2020. But what about Aslan? They haven’t worked together for over a year.”

“I don’t even know where such information could come from, it became interesting to me. Maybe some kind of provocation. But Aslan is very calm, he doesn’t bother anyone. I haven’t been able to talk to him about it yet. He has a tournament now, and before games we usually don’t call each other so he’s less worried.

Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) President Shamil Tarpischev brushed aside the controversy after calling it a “tabloid chronicle”.

“Funny situation. If there is something official, then we can discuss it. And so, it’s a tabloid column, it’s even ridiculous to talk about it, you never know who’s saying what. And besides, it’s 2019-2020, if there was something, we would have known about it a long time ago. And nobody told us anything,” Tarpischev told Sport Express.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian Tennis Federation has distanced itself from Yatsyk.

“I would like to note that Yegor Yatsyk, the former mentor of Karatsev, is not a member of the Belarusian Tennis Federation. As a former athlete, I condemn the actions of athletes in all sports related to match-fixing and in bets.

“I share the position of the authorities of all countries in the world who are fighting this evil,” BTF President Sergei Rutenko told rt.com.

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