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Plan a book-themed beach day with these reading props


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When you’re getting ready for a summer day at the beach, portraying your favorite books is part of the fun of shopping. I go to the beach to drop and read a good book, in addition to jumping into the water at the end of a chapter. Since beach days are supposed to be fun, shopping for accessories is part of the joy of summer beach days for me. I like to bring at least three books to the beach in case my mood changes during the day, but it can get a bit heavy if they’re all hardcover.

Reading at the beach is so common that there is a whole genre being built there: reading at the beach. Most of them are fun, easy-to-read books that have a plot that is engaging enough to keep you reading all day. However, fans of all kinds of books would define many different genres as their favorite beach readings. Whether you’re a fan of high fantasy or read non-fiction exclusively, whatever book you decide to bring is beach read.

Before you get all the elements to set up your beach, you can take a summer reading quiz to determine which beach readings will get your boogie board floating. Plus, beach reading suggestions are ubiquitous for fans of all genres, so you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect book pairing for your book-themed beach day.

Bookish towels

For those of us who wish we could bring a bigger stack of books to the beach. 25 $

Cartoon Sound Effects Printed Towel

Represent the cartoon fandom at the beach with a cartoon onomatopoeia towel. $ 37

Literary water bottles

Large Gatsby Water Bottle

Keep TJ Eckelburg’s eyes close with this Gatsby the magnificent bottle of water. $ 29

Water bottle with text "What do I do: I read books and I know things"

In addition to keeping track of your readings, stay hydrated at the beach and encourage yourself to reach your aquatic goals. $ 18

Library Cash Card Water Bottle

Have you ever thought about how water tastes better from a library water fountain? Put some of it in this charge card bottle and take it to the beach. $ 30

Water bottle with

I can stop when I want: I just need to finish this chapter more. On an unrelated note, I haven’t slept in days. $ 9

Tote for carrying books and beach items

Hobbit hole print tote bag

Imagine a day at a Hobbit Hole in the Shire with this fall themed tote bag. 25 $

Tote with Bookworm in a retro font on it

Show off your retro literary style with another large canvas tote bag for carrying snacks and books. $ 17

This is the best tote bag for any teacher who takes a break from student homework and indulges in all the beach reading they can for the summer. $ 12

Tote bag with a cartoon character balancing a book on his head

An adorably bookish design is always fun to bring to the beach someday. $ 20.00

Caps for book fans

Baseball cap embroidered with a cat sitting on a book

You probably can’t take your cat to the beach, but you can wear this bookish cat hat, which is basically taking them with you. $ 18

Worn by a booooks cap, with a wolf howling at the moon beside a stack of books

Let everyone know how you read a lot as a kid while protecting your face from the sun at the beach. $ 18

Camp Halfblood Vintage Style Baseball Cap

Celebrate one of the funniest summer camps in Greek mythology with this Half-Blood Camp hat. 23 $

Finally, you can let everyone know that you are an all-purpose book enthusiast under the scorching sun. 23 $

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