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Pebble Gear ™ Launches New Line of Kid-Friendly Tablets and Accessories


“There is a real concern for many parents in this new digital world to try to find a balance between allowing their children to access digital content for fun and education while ensuring their safety,” said Mike Steup, CEO of the snake | GROUP (Parent company of Pebble Gear). “The specially developed and curated content within the closed architecture of the Pebble Gear tablet overcomes many of these fears for parents and children.”

After its first successes in international markets, Pebble Gear launched the line of Android 7 “tablets in United States this fall, giving fans access to intricately themed immersive environments featuring their favorite Disney characters. Frozen, Mickey mouse and friends, and Disney and Pixar Toy story and Cars franchisees. The tablets also come packaged in their own unique protective case to match the theme, ensuring safety inside and out.

Pebble Gear children’s tablets have a suggested retail price of $ 99.99 and are available for purchase from Target and on www.pebblegear.com.

Pebble Gear is a collective of renowned industry experts who collaborate to focus on delivering compelling and compelling consumer products to the global stage. Primarily focused on the digital and consumer interactive technology sectors, our expertise spans global IP marketing and collaborations, software development, sales and distribution, as well as manufacturing and R&D. Based at Germany but operating in the UK, North America and Asia, Snakebyte Group offers a fully integrated approach to bringing intellectual property to market.

For more information please visit www.pebblegear.com.
After the first 12 months, unlimited prepaid access to GameStore Junior is available on $ 4.99 for a month, $ 12.99 for three, or $ 39.99 for one year.

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