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Peak Design Mobile modular magnetic accessory line launched in time for iPhone 13


Peak Design today released its comprehensive mobile ecosystem of magnetic and protective accessories, coordinated with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 13. This collection was part of a Kickstarter in December 2020 and rolled out for general availability for the first time today. The mobile range begins with the “Everyday Case”, available for iPhone 11, 12, 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21.

Peak Design has a brand for the magnetic system they use with their smartphone case and accessories: SlimLink. SlimLink is a ceramic zirconia insert surrounded by custom magnets that are inserted into every Peak Design Everyday case.

This SlimLink system doesn’t prohibit standard Qi wireless charging – so users won’t need to remove their case to use a wireless charging cradle. The Everyday case is thin enough for wireless charging to work, and thick enough to protect a smartphone from damage.

The launch accessory collection includes the Everyday Case, Everyday Loop Case and a wide variety of connection peripherals. There is also a universal adapter that can be attached to third party phone cases.

In the Peak Design Mobile collection at launch, there is a car mount, a motorcycle bar mount, a motorcycle stem mount, a front bike mount, a universal bar mount, and a wall mount. You’ll also find a creative kit, mobile tripod, mobile wallet, and wireless charging stand, right out of the door.

Take a look at our previous features with Peak Design and let us know if you plan to attach this series of accessories to your brand new device. We’ll come back with reviews from the lot once we get closer to cases and accessories of all kinds!


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