Home Luggage ‘Pack your feelings in my luggage’: SA wonders if they would leave Bae for overseas work South Africa News

‘Pack your feelings in my luggage’: SA wonders if they would leave Bae for overseas work South Africa News


  • Local social media user makes Mzansi talk after asking people whether or not they would quit their partner for a job opportunity
  • The hypothetical situation has prompted seriously candid and mixed responses online
  • Briefly News has respected some of the nastiest reactions to the post.

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A local Twitter user sparked an interesting conversation online after asking social media watchers whether or not they would give up on an incredible job opportunity for their relationship.

A local social media user gives Mzansi a talk after asking people whether or not they will quit their partner for a job opportunity. Image: Getty
Source: Getty Images

In line, @___Mthembu started with this hypothetical question:

“A company wants to send you to work there but Bae says, if you go, it’s over between you two. What will you do ?

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Naturally, this brazen ultimatum had divided SA. While the ladies definitely weren’t giving up any opportunities for any man, Mzansi’s gentlemen felt seriously touched by the reactions of our independent women.

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Check out some of the comments below:

@PearlModiadie said:

“I will put my heart and my feelings in my luggage bag while I plan my airport outfit !!”

@mudauulueh said:

“He will have to pack his bags and come with me, I will provide him while he is still looking for work.”

@SiphoCarry said:

“The only way I can stay… she’s pregnant with my child or we’ve married another who can go jump.” “

@lolo_khosa said:

“By the time I landed in the other country, I would have been healed haha.”

Polygamist says 2 women are best friends, he splits the week between them

In more relationship news, Brief News previously reported that Kevin Wesley is a man who proudly practices polygamy as he married two women and they live together as a family.

Kevin, however, did not marry the two ladies at the same time.

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He was married to his first wife for 14 years

In a video shared by Love Don’t Judge on Facebook, Kevin said he first married Jamie with their union producer 14-year-old children.

The couple broke up, however. Kevin said that while they were apart he met Lacee online.

Her relationship with Lacee blossomed and led to marriage. However, Jamie, his first wife returned.

He said they are not brainwashed

Kevin pointed out that contrary to opinions that his wives are brainwashed, they both love each other.

According to him, the ladies are the best friends.

On how he handles the relationship with them, Kevin said he spends time with Jamie on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Lacee takes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The rest of the day is for everyone.

Social networks react

Nancy Mac An said:

“You said it yourself. When you’re blossoming you don’t want anything else. Well he’s not blossoming because he kept the other woman. Too bad you can’t see that this is not an example for your children because even they do not I want a polygamous relationship. “

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Collins Nosakhare Igbinoba wrote:

“As long as he is able to love, care for and deal with women without bias or favoritism and women themselves can understand each other, persevere and tolerate each other … I must confess that I wish them the best in their union. “

Mélanie Palmer is of the opinion:

“I think when you are happy and your kids are happy, that’s all that matters. Love each other. Men and women cheat in their relationships every day and the other person doesn’t. dunno, so I think that’s a better way to do it. “

Lisa Marie remarked:

“I can see it works great for the man. I’ve seen a few documentaries and it’s always the man with several women.

“I’m sure it works the other way around, but it’s not common. I wonder why and what’s going on, on a deeper level? Well, good luck to them if they’re happy and that their children are also happy because they are the priority in all of this. Not at all for me. Good luck anyway xx. “

Source: Briefly.co.za


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