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Open Range: Western Accessories


Accessories can fit into cowboy or cowgirl aesthetics to help you pull off the western look. Western accessories take an outfit from boring and boring to beautiful and put together. Find out which accessories can make you stand out while matching your outfit.

There’s more to western fashion than lace blouses, blue jeans, sundresses and beaded snap shirts. What can really pull an outfit together and set it apart, especially the western style, are accessories like turquoise jewelry, exotic boots, an embossed leather handbag or a felt cowboy hat with fun details. Make your next outfit stand out with these accessories.

WILD TURQUOISE Dare to walk on the wild — and turquoise — side of life. St. Martin boots ($798), rockwelltharp.com

DIVIDE AND CONQUER Wear a hat that embodies the best of both worlds. Cruel Intentions Wool Hat ($244), toppedhats.com

MODERN WEST Pay homage to spring wildflowers with these earrings. Wade Patton Triangle Pendulum Earrings (Oglala Lakota) ($125), byellowtail.com

PERSONALIZED STATEMENT Be one of a kind, just like this squash flower pendant. Leigha Cleveland (Navajo) Royston Turquoise Squash Blossom Pendant (contact for price), lanterndancer.com

NEW VINTAGE Take your cowgirl boot obsession to the next level with a crossbody bag twist. Tombstone Rose Purse ($279), jennylynnhandmade.com

VERSATILE CLUTCH Wear a clutch showcasing Lauren Good Day’s original art prints. Parade Riders Flat Bag ($34), laurengoodday.com

SCARF ACCESSORY Accessorize your scarf with sterling silver and turquoise. Thunderbird Scarf Slide ($110), fringescarves.com

SAFE STORAGE Don’t leave without your stash of Southwest jewelry. Double D Ranch Jumbo Travel Case ($425), doubledranch.com

It’s in the details…

LIGHT STATEMENT Start your turquoise collection with a key piece. Bobby Becenti (Navajo) Sonoran Gold Turquoise Naja Sterling Squash Blossom Necklace ($2,250), coloradojo.com

HORSE ACCESSORY Treat your inner rider to accessories she’ll love. Starry Horse Collar (price $), www.tresmelindas.com

COWGIRL COOL Stay in the shade and keep it cool with a charcoal hat. The River Western Hat ($795), kemosabe.com

TOOLED ART Showcase the artistic swirls of embossed leather on a silver jewelry set. Art of the Buckle Jewelry Set ($95), montanasilversmiths.com

FRESH FACE Keep your makeup looking fresh and in place whether it’s at the rink or at a backyard barbecue. West Face Setting Mist 4oz ($39), loopbunniebeautie.com

PEARL BEAUTY A little beaded detailing can go a long way. Beaded Shoulder Bag ($245), beadworkbymikailah.com

HIGH NOON Keep track of time in the high western style. Sivella Watch Strap in Struzzo Sella with Turquoise Studs ($289), sparklbands.com

cowboy accessories

A beaded snap shirt and jeans will only look cowboy so far.

1 Four Sixes Shaving Kit ($120), shop6666ranch.com 2 The Cole in Pecan Caiman ($485), tecovas.com 3 Tex Sunglasses ($89.95), americanbonfireco.com 4 The Yellowstone Buckle Set ($709), vogtsilversmiths.com 5 BG Mudd Onyx & Tiger Eye Cufflinks ($225), pintoranch.com 6 San Augustine 1822 Large Bucking Horse and Diamonds ($4,010), clintorms.com seven AMR Brim Lo 6110 Straw Hat ($146.95), besthatstore.com

Pet accessories

Give the best partner a little extra love with bright accessories.

1 Boomer 8 Dog Bowl ($50) yeti.com 2 Falcon Cove All Season Dog Kuddler ($139-212), pendleton-usa.com 3 Best Field Leash ($55), overunderclothing.com 4 Tooled Dog Collars with Hand Painted Floral Vine ($34.99-$49.99), raftertranchco.com 5 Cactus Ranch Saddle ($3,640), cactussaddle.com 6 The Saddle Bag ($24.95), ranchdressn.com seven Turquoise Western Dispute ($2,200), wildflowerleatherworks.com

Excerpt from our May/June 2022 issue

Photography: (Cover Image) Courtesy of Fringe Scarves