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New International Luggage Packing Tips: Lift Extra Weight With You


When you’ve already practiced a bit in New International, you discovered that weight is a key part of the game. Create the luggage This is VERY vital, and even assuming the sport gives us the unusual bag with missions, the ones you are going to create from this information are MUCH higher.

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There are a number of issues you must remember when making a bag, and that is, improving it will be one of the most key questions in order to lift more weight than necessary (and the way, get all the other attention-grabbing buffs). We inform you of the set you want to have to enter.

Tips for creating the most productive bag imaginable at New International

The very first thing to keep in mind is that in order to do the leather bag thick (the first one) you’re going to want it following fabrics:

  • Made from thick leather (45)
  • Lino (25)
  • Iron Bar (10)
  • Minor Garage Rune (1)

As always, you will strengthen the first 3 by hitting higher fabrics, but a priori this is not the essential factor. What is actually vital and the secret ALWAYS practice Azoth, so that the potential ranking of the bag increases and you lift additional weight.

How to Trade and Equip All New World Rewards

The most difficult factor to obtain tissue is basically the rune, and it is received throughout the detailing your faction. This can be a bit expensive subject, and you will have to complete a few missions in your faction to get the 1000 numbers that the consumable prices.

Prepare the pockets to get the rune

In addition to the 1000 faction issues, you’re going to want 250 gold coinsSo run away because it’s not particularly reasonable. On the other hand, it will be VERY expensive, and this particular bag (which I repeat, you will have to infuse YES or YES with Azoth) will allow you to build up your stock of at least 100 additional weight.

The development you get will likely be hit and miss, in concept, but what you actually get passed over in this case is lifting extra weight with the rarity of the fairway. As you graduate you will earn easiest bag recipes, However, the basis will still be the same: shut down the faction issues for the rune and infuse it with as much Azoth as possible.


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