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Mountain of luggage piling up at Heathrow airport


British Airways and its main terminal at Heathrow International Airport in London have a growing problem.


The airline, which earlier this year reduced baggage loading on short-haul flights due to a severe staff shortage – telling passengers to keep going and their bags would catch up to them – now looks on helplessly, a mountain of piles of luggage to the terminal.

Passengers have been waiting for days – some have been waiting for almost two weeks – to collect their bags as they pile up, unattended. Some had to go to the airport every day to try to find their belongings themselves.

Passengers Adam Kent says Business Insider“Staff could not be found, everyone was quite shocked. Abandoned luggage was not secure and could easily be stolen.”

Mark Wayt, who landed at Heathrow on Saturday, told Insider each baggage carousel in Terminal 5 had hundreds of bags lined up around them.

British Airways told Business Insider that it was working with several courier companies to deliver bags to customers as quickly as possible.

“Bags on the vast majority of our flights are unloaded and returned to our customers as usual,” a spokesperson said. “On the very limited number of occasions when we experience serious operational issues, we apologize to our customers and ask them not to wait for their luggage.”

And it’s not just British Airways. Airmen also encounter similar problems on other airlines and other airports.