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Men’s fashion is back with accessories for all lifestyles


Men’s fashion has made a big comeback with all the trendiest accessories. Whether you are always staying indoors or doing your best to live a normal life, there is always something suitable to amplify your style.

From the office to late-night parties, these offers can really brighten up your outfits.

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Carry difficult

Tumi looks back on the roller coaster we experienced last year. Current designs interpret the idea of ​​exterior protection that can and cannot be seen. They symbolize multi-faceted lifestyles and the adventures of life itself.

Look in the streets

The latest range of Oakley eyewear pays homage to two neighborhoods: Camden Town in London and Houston Street in New York. It represents cross-sections of street culture and sport, as well as the music that shapes attitudes and the books that influence ideas.

Vintage versus art

Onitsuka Tiger has collaborated with Toyoki Adachi, the designer and artistic director of the textile graphic brand Nowartt. Patterns featured include neelakurinji, a flower that blooms once every 12 years, and Deeringia polysperma, designated as an endangered plant species.

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Back to elegance

Brunello CucinelliBrunello Cucinelli

If you re-fuel your urge to travel (or have to do it for work), maybe treat yourself to a Brunello Cucinelli leather watch roll? The season’s collection embraces a sense of renewal – or as the designer himself puts it, “People want to look good … They can’t wait to put on their well-cut ties and suits.”

Oh so bright

The new timepiece from Bell & Ross is quite a sight to see. The BR 05 Diamond has a bezel set with 172 diamonds, equivalent to a weight of 0.88 carats. Eleven diamonds (0.08 ct) still replace the indexes, ensuring you won’t miss the bling when checking the time.