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Meet the black designers behind new luxury handbag brand, Tian Zevon


Together with her husband Doog The Dude, Tee Seabrone created a line of distinctive luxury handbags. Tian Zevon is a Virginia Beach-based black-owned handbag company that ships worldwide.

Tee Seabrone and Doog The Dude, both members of the Tian Zevon team, founded their luxury handbag brand in 2021. As veterans of the entrepreneurial world, the duo decided to embark on a new venture. In addition to self-publishing on Amazon and his own website, bestselling author Tee Seabrone also publishes business-related books on other platforms. With his hits “Focused” and “The Don”, Doog The Dude became a hit in the music industry as he debuted.

Their handbags are available online, and the duo offer worldwide shipping for all of their designs. The designer handbag brand is named after the two founders. By putting their first names together, they formed Tian Zevon. The products in their catalog are made from the highest and best quality materials.

As a stylist and content creator for a major online fashion company, Tee said her desire was to bridge the gap between affordable and luxury fashion accessories. Due to the high-end nature of most of the outfits she designed, pairing them with nice accessories would be expensive. The team realized they had to start creating their own line of luxury handbags at this time. When it comes to luxury men’s accessories, Doog wants to deliver fresh, bold looks that aren’t easy to find in today’s men’s collections. Peyton, a sheepskin mini bag, and Rhyan, a quilted nylon mini bag were both developed by the duo and named after their two children. The published photos of the handbags quickly circulated on social media, catching the attention of many popular fashion fans and influencers on social media. Due to demand, the company has made the bags available for pre-order on its website. Expect official release events in March and April 2022. For now, their Valentine’s Day-inspired “SOV VOL I” heart-shaped handbag is available for purchase online.

About the company:

Together with her husband Doog The Dude, author and entrepreneur Tee Seabrone has launched a collection of one-of-a-kind luxury handbags. Based in Virginia Beach, Tian Zevon is a black-owned handbag company that specializes in custom-designed luxury handbags and bags that can be purchased and shipped worldwide. The Peyton shearling bag and the Rhyan nylon down jacket are set to be introduced in early 2022.


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