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Match your accessories to your own unique personal style


The accessories you choose can express a lot of your personality, and choosing the perfect accessories can also enhance your outfit and complement your overall look.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best accessories to match your unique personality, keep reading for tips and tricks that will have your jewelry, handbag, And shoes make a fabulous style statement that’s all yours.

Already think about what’s in your wardrobe

To get started, assess your style. What is already in your wardrobe and what do you like to wear the most? What kind of accessories do you already have? If the majority of your jewelry is gold, for example, you have two options for choosing additional pieces: Opt for other jewelry in the same precious metal for a cohesive and elegant look that can take you from the office to a bar to cocktails…or mix it up for an eclectic style by adding silver, pearl or bronze pieces.

If you like to wear brightly colored clothes, let your personality dictate the type of accessories you wear with it. Go with chunky jewellery, patterned tights or shoes in a vibrant hue – or let the clothes be the star of the shoe and pair them with simple, understated accessories in a single color.

Personalized jewelry

This year, personalized and customizable jewelry is in the fashion news. Make it work for your style by selecting either a classic, timeless name necklace in sterling silver, gold or rose gold, or a contemporary set of stacking rings engraved with the names of loved ones – also add their birthstones to each group, for a very special set.

If your vibe is more contemporary, urban, or edgy, opt for a dog-tag-style initial necklace, a chunky bracelet engraved with your name, or a phrase or quote that’s meaningful to you.

Charming Choices

A charm bracelet is a perfect way to inject your personality into your ensemble. Choose charms that represent an element of your life, a hobby or a passion, such as a charm in the shape of a book, a horse, a tennis racket or a star and moon symbol.

The best thing about a charm bracelet is that it can represent your life’s journey when you add charms to it over the years that represent significant events, family members, friends, accomplishments and new interests.

handbag heaven

It’s not just jewelry that can receive the personalization treatment: handbags are also in the game! Opt for a leather tote bag printed with your initials or a trendy blue and white striped tote bag with your name incorporated into the material.

Otherwise, think about the statement you want to make with your outfit. For a versatile look, choose a neutral or beige colored bag and accessorize it with an array of brightly colored scarves tied around its handle. This allows you to adapt your bag to a range of different ensembles, as well as adding personality to even the most practical bags.

Breathtaking shoes

The shoe you choose is a fantastic way to show off your style and have fun! Add character to a trouser suit with a pair of retro vintage trainers, or raise the bar by adding bow-embellished heeled sandals to your summer look.

For the ultimate in bespoke shoe fashion, try customizing a much-loved pair of shoes that may have seen better days. Go to your local craft store for a suitable adhesive and have fun choosing what you want to decorate with your sneakers, pumps or ballerinas; you can try sparkly rhinestones for thrifty bling, stencils and fabric paint, or even seed beads!

The best of the rest

There are many other ways to use accessories to let your personality shine! Colorful and patterned tights are huge fashion news right now, and you can find tights, stockings and long socks in an almost endless array of shades that even feature intricate images and scenes. So whether your aesthetic features lots of florals or is on the goth end of the scale, you can easily find the perfect hosiery.

Anklets are also a nice and easy way to inject character into an outfit: choose a chain that features the particular type of crystal you love, such as rose quartz, or has a charm that means something to you. , like like a bee, star or initial.

Retro style silk driving scarves have recently started appearing on all the major fashion shows and can be chosen in a shade that features a pattern you like – wear them as a headband or as a belt to add a touch color to denim jeans or shorts. Belts, in general, are massive right now – make this trend work for you by opting for either a wide fabric belt worn loosely around the waist of a long dress or a leather belt. pointed appearance to add a bit of edge to a floaty skirt.

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