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Marine Serre Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection


No one ever said that back to IRL Fashion Week was going to be easy. For spring 2022, Marine Serre decides to create a film, Ostal 24, which she produced with former collaborators Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubagio. There was a screening in the Marais tonight, and that’s where the difficult part comes in; the crush of a crowd naturally enthusiastic and eager to enter was not for the faint of heart. The day before at Serre’s studio in northern Paris, however, it was a stark contrast; everything was calm. The opportunity to preview the collection, entitled Fichu pour Fichu, that Serre will unveil in video.

There were popcorn tops in all their Bjorkian glory and beloved by any 90s rave kid, made into gorgeous puffy dresses and layered T-shirts, perhaps to wear with wide leg pants. from an industrial grade wool and cotton blend. . Brightly colored bath towels and linen tea towels were recycled into coats, shirts and apron-shaped skirts. Vintage overdyed pink denim and tees were deconstructed, then rebuilt panel by panel into relaxed vests, taped dresses and high waisted jeans.

What immediately fits into all of this: how quickly and confidently Serre continues to build on the surprisingly original look she created for her brand. It seems to go at the speed of light, leaping forward well beyond the duration of a single season, in particular on the desire to use sustainable fabrics: with Fichu for Fichu, 45% of the materials are regenerated, while 45% is recycled, the most Serre has already used. It’s done with an agile and concrete goal that the big non-independent brands with a lot more resources to draw on could do with emulation.

Many of these pieces are presented in Ostal 24of about 13 minutes, a production bewitching by its beauty, and from which infiltrates a feeling of soft and calm emotion. For Serre, live event or not, Ostal 24 is the real purpose of telling the spring 2022 story. “It marks a moment, and it marks me,” Serre said. “Plus, a movie lasts longer than a show; he can live on the internet. If you are alone, or in town, or in the countryside … you have access to it. A lot of people can see it. I love that.”


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