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Man with $160,000 at SA airport was stealing to buy drugs


A man found with nearly $162,000 in his carry-on luggage at San Antonio International Airport has been charged with money laundering, arrest records show.

Transportation Security Administration officers arrested 21-year-old Alberto Gonzalez Jr. after detecting $161,860 in his luggage as he attempted to pass through airport security on August 11.

After being referred to San Antonio police, Gonzalez told authorities the money came from his dog breeding business and that he was on his way to California to buy a diamond ring for his girlfriend.

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Gonzalez later changed that story and said he was making a deposit with a dog breeder, according to police. Authorities also said Gonzalez’s explanation of how his dog-breeding business operated was inconsistent with how legitimate businesses operated.

Investigators took the money, which came back positive for traces of marijuana, which is illegal in Texas, as well as cocaine, police said.

Police said they believe Gonzalez will use the money to buy marijuana in California and possibly distribute it out of state.

Gonzalez had purchased his ticket to California two days prior and was scheduled to return to San Antonio the same day.

Police say this is the second time Gonzalez has traveled with “loose change” to California.

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