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Man given suspended sentence after stealing handbags and phone

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A 56-year-old man from Żebbug received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to stealing a mobile phone and two handbags from a store in Valletta.

In addition to these charges, he was also charged with recidivism, as he had already been given a two-year suspended prison sentence.

Police told the court they received a report on Saturday that two handbags, worth around 10 euros each, had been stolen from a store in Valletta. A few minutes later, they received a report that a mobile phone, worth €232.94, had been stolen from another store.

Shortly after, the man was arrested, with police finding the cellphone in his possession. He immediately confessed to the police, confirming that he had stolen the items himself.

Today in court:

Żejtun hit and run suspect denied bail

Police told the court the man immediately cooperated by returning the stolen cellphone.

His legal aid lawyer told the court that the man, “a result of the system”, is currently living in a precarious situation and has no electricity in his home.

The Court accepted the lawyer’s request for a stay, stating that it understood his position.

The Court held that the probation order was not set out in the deed and that it did not contain any details.

Finding him guilty, the court sentenced him to six months in prison, suspended for 18 months. She also ordered him to pay €20 within 6 months.


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