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Mahua Moitra: ‘Jholewala fakir’: Mahua Moitra tweets in beards war over handbag

Mahua Moitra’s handbag is now the subject of a spade war between the BJP camp and the instigator TMC MP.

It started during the discussion in Parliament on the price increase on Monday. TMC’s Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar was attacking the government over it, when Moitra seated next to her was seen picking up her purse from the seat and slipping it under the bench.

A 12-second video about it was shared by BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla on Twitter, who wrote: “Marie Antoinette Mahau Moitra hiding her expensive bag during a discussion on price hike – the hypocrisy has a face and that’s it! A party that believes in TMC – Too Much Corruption discusses the rise in prices after the non-reduction of VAT and the alliance with the UPA which led to runaway inflation more by 10%.”

Other users shared it as well suggesting that Moitra was trying to hide her “expensive” “Louis Vuitton” bag because it was, well, inappropriate for the issue being discussed.

Moitra hit back on Tuesday with a collage of her photos at the Parliament building – taken over three years – all featuring her handbag.

“Jholewala fakir in Parliament since 2019, she said, “Jhola leke aye le…jhola leke chal padenge….” Came with a bag, will leave with a big speech in Moradabad in December 2016.

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