Home Luggage Made an extra $800 in just four hours with the hustle and bustle on the baggage side – the extra money helps when I’m not teaching

Made an extra $800 in just four hours with the hustle and bustle on the baggage side – the extra money helps when I’m not teaching


AMERICANS are finding ways to save money or earn extra money as inflation hits every aspect of daily life.

A TikTok influencer has shared his side hustle that allows him to work his own hours while bringing in hundreds of dollars a week.


Travis Bolton delivers lost baggage in his sideways hustle1 credit: TikTok: idaddytrav

A side hustle is a great way to earn some cash, but it’s even more appealing when it doesn’t take too long compared to how little time you have left after working your day job.

Travis Bolton, passing idaddytrav on TikTok, shared a video showing his lateral agitation.

He accompanied his nearly 15,000 subscribers during one of his baggage delivery days.

Not just any baggage, but lost baggage separated from travellers.

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Travis works full time as a teacher.

When he is not working on weekends or during the summer, he spends a few hours reuniting lost luggage with their owners.

For a week, he earned $800 working four hours.

He explains that it takes muscle because there is luggage that can be quite heavy.

How is lost baggage collected?

Lost baggage is stored in a warehouse


Lost baggage is stored in a warehouse1 credit: TikTok: idaddytrav

If you have ever flown, you know that your luggage may not arrive at its destination.

When this happens, the airlines do their best to get your baggage to you in a timely manner.

Enter Travis.

Travis took his followers to a storage warehouse where he explained how he got there to pick up the bags assigned to him.

During this run, Travis loaded 19 bags into his SUV.

Get organized

Travis uses the InRoute app to organize his deliveries


Travis uses the InRoute app to organize his deliveries1 credit: TikTok: idaddytrav

Travis mapped out his route.

That day, he made 10 deliveries.

He said he uses the InRoute app to help him deliver everything efficiently.

He chooses addresses that are in his vicinity – that day it was a radius of 52 miles.

Travis stacks the luggage in his SUV


Travis stacks the luggage in his SUV1 credit: TikTok: idaddytrav

He loads his car in the order of his deliveries.

It starts from the furthest point and heads towards the house.

Some stops will require him to deposit more than one piece of luggage.

He said not everyone tips but it’s appreciated.

Its greatest satisfaction is when the owner is happy to see his luggage lost.

How did he find this jostling side?

Many people commented on his post about the hustle asking how he found this job.

He wrote that he had been doing it since 2017, when he Googled “driver/delivery jobs” and a listing appeared for the job.

He does not work for the airline, but rather for the company that hired him called Xpress Bags.

If you’re interested in similar work, Travis told Google what’s available in your area.

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